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  1. New map: Laser Tag, by PPGOME Edit: map by PPGOME. The plot sign was erroneous.
  2. New map: Harvest, by TuddlesMcDoodle Edit (2017/04/9): Harvest has been updated to correct an issue that prevented the point from being captured.
  3. Map voting is now live! /votemap <map>: Kicks off a yes/no vote to immediately change the map, skipping the rest of the current match. /nextmap: Picks three random maps and initiates a vote between them. The winning map will be set as the upcoming map. Votes require at least 50% participation from active players or they won't pass.
  4. Abandoned Island now has a 16-arrow limit instead of infinite quantity. Experimental: Upsidaisy kits now include an Elytra and six fireworks. Also, just a little teaser of what's currently in development...
  5. Minigames has now been updated for 1.11.2.
  6. I'm for the good old CTF event. It only went awry this time because of the space stuff. (Mathematically, you're just not going to catch somebody when you both move at a constant rate on a plane. You need obstacles and terrain to vary the movement.) Also, no resets. That just ruins the sense of accomplishment or desire for people to build things. In past events, we usually had plenty for everyone to do. People who wanted to go raiding would raid. People who wanted to build would construct defenses, infrastructure, novelty builds, etc.. People who wanted to parkour had the buff areas. It was a big, open world and you had plenty of options. Maybe throw in some custom spawning behaviour to make the PvE more challenging, too. (Naturally spawning "Illagers" and randomly named Doppelgangers anyone?) The issue is the space event was just too limiting for everyone, with its preconstructed and mostly empty world.
  7. Ban information: Looks like you were banned for some grief forever and a half ago. Welcome back, be sure to read up the rules.
  8. Updated the KOTH plugin with redesigned mechanics. A point is now awarded to the team for every minute that the capture point is held, and one more to the team holding it when the match ends. This way the winner will essentially be the team that holds the hill for the most time, rather than mostly boiling down to a race to capture it first. Made a minor kit change to koth_jungle: a shield is now included and the splash potion quantity has been reduced from two to one. Kit changes made for koth_artifact and ctf_division by author's request.
  9. New map: Caverns by Heartshine, Challenger2 and Ted50
  10. Added time_lock region flag so maps can lock their ambiance to night or day easily. (Maps "Undead Graveyard" and "Abandoned Island" are now night maps.) Made the map config reader more robust to prevent cases where typos or malformed configs could hang the server on startup.
  11. Both maps are now live on the minigame server. And I produced some fancy graphics:
  12. The two winners of the Halloween map contest are live: "Undead Graveyard" by Abitcat and "Fallen Plaza" by _Ferg
  13. Just so everyone's aware: I will be working on the technical side of preparing the builds to become minigame maps in the coming days (soon™) and will have them ready and deployed as soon as my schedule allows.
  14. New Map: Sails by Sir_Didymus
  15. Or maybe one that just picks an arbitrary unclaimed plot and teleports you to it, so make participating easier.
  16. Bug Fixes & Features Overhauled damage/death tracker so fall/void/lava/etc deaths will now be credited to the player who "caused" the death if appropriate. Added fancy colourised death messages, which highlight player names in their team colour. Death messages from arrow kills now display the distance that the kill occurred from. Your best record for distance is now recorded in the statistical database for posterity. Added /mystats command to display your personal stats
  17. Bug Fixes & Features Made some configuration changes to hopefully alleviate sporadic performance issues. Map Changes koth_roundelle: moved the spawn points away from the walls and replaced infinite arrows with 8 that drop on death
  18. This thread will be used to publicize significant gameplay changes to the Minigames server and its maps. Bug Fixes & Features Fixed an issue in CTF where a player dying on a ladder would cause the flag's drop/return to not be handled correctly. Fixed an issue where a player could log out in a CTF match and take the flag with them, preventing it from returning or dropping. Fixed an issue where spectators could pick up items or arrows. Added an easier way for admins to reset cheaters' rankings. Map Changes koth_jungle: Replaced poison splash potion in kit with two instant damage II splashes, as the poison would prevent players from climbing the water streams. ctf_twinforts: Fixed missing slab and ladder blocks
  19. I just tested and confirmed the issue with the lobby. However, this isn't an issue if you switch from a regular server...which you'll be able to do after today, as they'll be running 1.10. As for whether the server would bring more players to PvE or extend the community by bringing in players who prefer its style...whynotboth.png? I suspect that the benefits would be twofold. Additionally, it's worth noting that the Overcast Network is shutting down permanently on September 5th. Overcast provided a lot of inspiration for the CTF game mode featured on minigames-dev, and the system is capable of offering a very similar gameplay experience to Overcast's capture mode. So if we were to play our cards right, it's possible we could collect a fraction of their community when they seek alternatives.
  20. Just a note: if you've tried the server out in the past, it's changed significantly. It has a whole new game mode (CTF, inspired by Quake), a fancy new minigames hub with portals and a wall of player heads that dynamically update through the new player ranking plugin. It's definitely worth a fresh look.
  21. Updated. Also moved Stellarviking into Moderators at Sir_Didymus's request.
  22. If we end up going with Slack, I'm willing to set up an auto-invite system. It's a simple API call, so I'd probably design and build a landing page integrated into the existing website rather than run Slackin. The advantages of "reinventing the wheel" would be that I could add a captcha to cut down on potential spam bots hitting it, it would fit more cohesively with the website, and we wouldn't need to worry about the maintenance of an extra NodeJS (slackin) or Python (slackin-python) process on top of the services the website already runs on. As a possible alternative, it would also be conceivably possible to handle it in-game instead. A /slack command could return a quick overview, and then a player would run /slack invite me@example.com to kick an invite off. This would limit sign ups to people who have joined the server. (I have no idea whether this would be more or less desirable.)
  23. My stated opinion is that the only ones worth considering are the public Slack team option (pros: free at the present, though that's at the whim of the company) and Mattermost (the pro if it being free and under the MIT license is also a con in that they estimate 4GB of RAM as a requirement for 100-500 users as well as the potential for it being DDoSed). In terms of technical cost (man hours to achieve setup as well as maintenance), setting up a public Slack channel and using something like Slackin to auto-send invites would be fairly trivial. My understanding is it's a simple API call to Slack. Hell, we could probably even do it in game with a /slack command. The technical cost of Mattermost would be higher up front as more planning would be involved, as well as installation and configuration of all of the components. I think worries of it being an inordinate amount of work to maintain are possibly a little overblown (it's not like we frequently need to touch the forums now that they're going, for example), aside from the occasional update of the software. The bigger issue with Mattermost is potential monetary cost, as 4GB of RAM is nothing to sneeze at. There's no room on the primary server for sure, so it would have to go on creeper or an external VPS. I also have not personally tried the apps, as those were basically nonexistent when I started following the project, so I don't know how well they work. (The desktop ones are Electron based, so they're basically just window dressing around the web interface.) I don't necessarily have a strong opinion on either, as long as the primary goal of moving staff chat to Slack in the first place is not impeded. The decision was made to facilitate better admin collaboration. (TL;DR not enough staff had IRC bouncers.) So the needs of that goal must be put first. It needs to be something that everyone can use without issue. Also, Discord is ruled out entirely. In addition to them not having a business plan at all (it smells of fly-by-night Venture Capitalist funded nonsense), I was very unimpressed in my previous testing. It's clunky and technically inferior to Mumble from a VOIP standpoint. (Mumble costs us basically noting to host and is time tested and fits our needs. There's zero reason to switch, and Discord would only encourage lesser usage of Mumble.) Additionally, they don't have an obvious Linux client (which is required for global push to talk), and we will not be putting our eggs in the basket of something that is not fully tri-platform. We have a significant number of Linux and OS X users in our community, and we operate under the assumption of supporting them. In summary, it would be Slack or Mattermost, though this is not a decision that needs to be rushed.
  24. I think it would mostly just be extra overhead and effort. Torrents typically only work well when you have many seeders...which we're not likely to get from our small community. Given that there aren't too many regular downloads from the site, and the data transfer isn't metered on that plan (to my knowledge) it wouldn't really have much in the way of savings and would merely create potential frustration due to lack of seeding.
  25. We do have a few lobby worlds sitting around on the server at the moment. I'm not sure what happened with the missing ones from the contest but we do have most of our past lobbies still. For anyone interested, here's the list of what we have sitting on the lobby server still: autumn2014 christmas2015 creeper001 dobreira erdtZAC EternityOfDeath kittypuppet stpatricks2015 S_W tc_chris treelobby twizburd valentines world (the original flavor) There's also a world named "contest," which I imagine contains the missing lobby contest builds. (Edit: The world I found is for the original lobby contest, not the later one.) It would take awhile to process and upload them to the archive, but if there's interest, I could go ahead and do it.
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