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  1. Spawn City: Have another world for just serious cities, and then keep spawn city for more casual builds Edit: Also Ice roads would be nice so you can drive on the roads
  2. Thats sort of why I said at the start of this post we may just use the large with arms, the small and the small with arms not having people have specifically set up ones in different directions
  3. Yeah I tried to get MrLoud to do this and thats what led me to make this post because /summon doesnt work for anyone not OP and so I thought that the Tech admins may make a plugin of some sort to get around it
  4. They are different types of armour stands on the server that we should somehow get Armour stands! Now with actual arms that can hold weapons and items Mini Armour stands! Just imagine having mini figures of your favorite players in your base or mini mayors at towns - also arms! Also ones with swords aiming down which require a specific command so we may be unable to get them exact Anyway armour stands are cool as fuck so we should get them as good as we can on the servers. TLDR: Get these stands
  5. You don't need to have PvE areas I thought it may just be something that brings in more people to the server which is something that Survival needs
  6. The PvE towns like I said are very small with really no where TO hide, it can also be made that when someone with a combat tag on isn't allowed to go into PvE towns to partially eradicate the issue of abusing them
  7. The PvE aspect is more to make something up for grabs, it doesn't exactly have to be a PvE town it could be kept PvP easily its just easier to make it PvE to keep more people interested
  8. Hello all, I've just been thinking about stuff for the next survival rev that sort of combines ideas from past revs and the present rev and was just wondering what people may think - Small PvE towns with rentable houses and villagers being able to trade emeralds for diamond tools/armour - 8 houses that are 5x5 and have 2 already placed double chests, 2 furnaces and a crafting table only the house renter may access with signs on each house saying whose house is whose and how much time is left until the house becomes rentable - If you have combat tag on it adds an extra 30 seconds when entering a PvE town - Announcement when a house is able to be rented (is renewed every 24 hours) and picks two random items out of the double chests in your house to read out when announcement is made - PvP is enabled 3 blocks around the house so if a clan wants to claim an entire PvE town for themselves it is possible to protect the house for there clan mate - 2000x2000 map with 5 portals being able to travel with them like previous revs they are at the following locations : x 0 z 0 x 0 z 2000 x 0 z -2000 x 2000 z 0 x -2000 z 0 - Bumped up ore spawns so it's easy to get diamond armour at the PvE town villager traders - Being able to reinforce blocks like with the current rev - Griefing allowed for base raiding fun like on the current rev - Clans and snitches - PvP arenas placed around the map for events - Also could bring back the roads, could keep prison pearl and could take out random spawns If anyone has any thoughts about this, good or bad, just tell me :) -Tree Ninja who is currently in a tree
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