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  1. rutledge_s [Flumper]

    You are now unbanned. Please read the rules before you play: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Rules
  2. Event idea thread

    I really enjoyed Nerd Jeopardy! I would happily take part in another instalment of that.
  3. rutledge_s [Flumper]

    Hi rutledge_s, thank you for your honesty. Your ban will lifted on the 1st of July, as per the guidelines on x-ray bans.
  4. PvP discussion

    I think more could be done to promote the fact that players can build PVP arenas, since so few (if any) have been built in recent revisions. Many newer players may just not know that they're allowed. Having said that, I wouldn't want to see any major changes done to the way PVP is handled on P. I could definitely support larger maximum arena sizes, since the maps are so large these days. But I worry that any more fundamental changes (such as not needing it to be a fully contained arena), would just create potential drama. One of the main things that I like about P is the sense of friendliness and co-operation that is very much missing on every single PVP server I have played on. I don't think P would ever end up quite as hostile as some, but I certainly worry it could alter the character of the server for the worse. I'm also not convinced (though I could be) that there is much interest in this from the playerbase as a whole. While PVP suggestions do appear every so often, it mostly seems like the same few voices who show their support. I'd like to see PVP arenas make a comeback, though. They can be a lot of fun and if anyone here builds one on P, let me know and I'll happily try to beat you to death with a potato.
  5. Staff Inactivity Notices

    I'll be away from the 16th for a few weeks. I'll still be reachable on Discord.
  6. Mewcifer_ [Flumper]

    Please take a moment to read this topic on staff impersonation: :)
  7. Mewcifer_ [Flumper]

    Hey Haiku, the ban in question had nothing to do with the age of anyone involved. It was about staff impersonation, pure & simple. I'll go ahead and unban the account. :)
  8. Planned Inactivity

    I'll be gone from the 19th for approximately two weeks. I'll still be pingable on Discord though.
  9. Note Appeal Flumper

    Given the age of the notes and the fact that they're no longer relevant, I've gone ahead and removed them. :) Sorry for the delay.
  10. Poll - Smelting armor for ingots.

  11. Poll - Smelting armor for ingots.

    Ah, that's unfortunate. Fair enough. :P
  12. Poll - Smelting armor for ingots.

    Not only do I think we should have it, it should already be a feature of vanilla minecraft. I think the ingot return figures Totemo listed sound reasonable. Though I don't necessarily think it's fair that only full durability items can be smelted, that would seem to make the returns almost non-existent for anyone not camping a zombie/skele spawner, while still allowing exploitation via villager trading for smeltable items. A compromise may be to allow smelting of items with any durability, but with lower returns. Or, if possible, the number of ingots gained could depend on the durability to some extent (less for lower durability). But overrall I'm really enthusiastic about this idea!
  13. Planned Inactivity

    I'm going to be absent from tomorrow till the end of the week.
  14. [PMC] Community chat - input needed

    I've already expressed my views in the meeting and at more length in Slack, but I'll reiterate here for anyone who wasn't around for either: My current view is that Slack seems like the best option. Consolidation of Staff/Player chat back into one application not only promotes more communication between the two but also saves staff having to run/check/use two chat apps. I admit I was skeptical about Slack at first (change is scary), but I've come to like it and if allowing people to invite themselves is as easy as it currently seems, then I see no reason not to push forward with it. I'm certainly not against other options, but I would like to see staff chat also move to whatever is chosen, ideally.
  15. 2016 CTF Fundraiser - Give us your feedback!

    I second this. While we usually only have rev maps available for download, I think the CTF map qualifies as a worthy exception.