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  1. You were banned for minor grief and the killing of a named charged creeper, after already being warned for grief a few days previously. Given the time that has passed since you were banned, I've gone ahead and unbanned your account.
  2. 28-March Restarts are now back to every two hours.
  3. The plugin used to allow people to connect with different client versions created a lot of problems in the past. And looking at its website, it only supports 1.8 and up. ?
  4. Given the age of your ban, I've gone ahead and unbanned you. Please read and abide by the rules, found here: http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules
  5. I think we should have the minigames server run custom modes that can be found online, such as hunger games. I'm hesitant to support any plan that involves sourcing the majority of content from within the community because what I believe will happen if they're community made, as it always seems to happen, is that there will be great enthusiasm from the people with the time, skill and creativity to make their ideas happen, for a while. Then those people will get bored and no more content will ever be released, leaving the server to slowly die when players inevitably get bored of the content already in place. If we sourced modes and such outside the community, it'd greatly minimise the effort involved in getting new content on the server, which in turn would make it easier to keep the server active. And if we offer modes that are popular and well known to the minecraft community at large, we could potentially draw in more new players.
  6. First off, we owe you an explanation for long delay. We originally intended to use a pre-existing custom dragon fight found online, which worked on the test server but ultimately proved not to be compatible with P's plugins. After it became obvious that we needed to find another option, Tech Admin Bermudalocket began developing his own vision for the battle. This put us very behind schedule but we believe, with great enthusiasm, that it was worth the wait. I'm pleased to announce that the fight is now live on P! Here's what you need to know: The fight is divided into multiple stages. The first of which requires you to destroy each crystal in a specific order that will become obvious during the fight. The subsequent stages will pit you against a dragon with customised attacks and behaviour, as well as the fiendish custom mobs that it summons. At the end of the fight, an elytra will automatically be placed in the inventory of the player who scores the final blow. Here's a sneak peek:
  7. I'm not personally offended by people saying it, but I know for a fact that several members of this community have autistic family members who have been harassed in real life by people ree-ing at them. This is mostly a very friendly community and allowing people to freely use a term that is very offensive to some people just doesn't seem consistent with the community's tone. The tone of your post and your choice of language makes it seem like you're more interested in provoking people and playing up to a stereotype rather than initiating a civil discussion. If you want to convince people, maybe try approaching them respectfully instead of insulting them for disagreeing with you.
  8. I'll be enduring time with the family, 23rd - 27th.
  9. Your ban has been lifted. Please read the rules, as linked above, if you haven't already. Welcome back!
  10. Sorry for the slow response, this appeal slipped past me. I've gone ahead and unbanned your account. Please take a moment to read the rules before playing again. http://redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules#PvE Welcome back!
  11. Your ban will be lifted on 7/12. Please take some time to read the rules , found here: http://nerd.nu/rules Edit: The ban is for griefing a public farm with an offensive symbol and word.
  12. Sunday 4th November 8AM Central time & again at 4PM Central time What is an Admin Hunt? Admins from across the servers will disguise themselves as blocks, items or entities and hide at a themed arena! It will be your task to hunt them down and kill them for prize drops! The event will last about 45 minutes. How do I participate? You can warp directly to the event hub by using the command /spawnme, or: 1) Head to spawn, at /place A_Guild 2) Go through the portal as shown here. Once at the event hub, empty your inventory in the green area, and punch the warp sign at the purple area! This will teleport you to the Admin Hunt arena. What are the treasures? Upon death, admins will drop a shulker box containing their skull, an admin hunt token and a unique, cosmetic item. Admin hunt tokens can be traded to villagers at the event hub for more goodies! We hope to see you there!
  13. Everyone has the ability to edit their own posts, I don't see why anything further is needed, to be honest. A forum is defined by its content - it's frustrating to read an old thread only to find parts are missing and unlike social media, people usually don't (and really shouldn't) have any personal information included in their posts. Everyone who grew up using the internet likely has posted some cringe-worthy stuff at some point, but unless that person's privacy is genuinely threatened, I don't see that as a good reason for their account to be nuked.
  14. You are now unbanned. Please read the rules before you play: http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/Rules
  15. I really enjoyed Nerd Jeopardy! I would happily take part in another instalment of that.
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