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  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha I'm like 99% sure the survival server wasn't shut down because of minecraft mechanics also X exists?
  2. Countries! Like, famous structures/buildings/events that represent the country.
  3. Hello yes, I am here to appeal the ban on my alt account, I have changed the name and would like to come back Cheers, RokkuCXVII
  4. I already called dibs guys, sorry.
  5. What?? D: What am I supposed to do?? I cant play minecraft now! /s lol thanks silver
  6. Actually can I request Silversunset to take over this appeal? I feel lyle is biased. lol
  7. Bahahahahah this is amazing. Lets go, Alright, Switch doesn't even play anymore, I wouldn't consider him a "player" " I'm not going to get in to a semantic argument with you " -jchance This shit is dumb lol
  8. Rokku117

    /me farts

    That's what I am trying to say. As well as better solutions and community discussion before major changes such as dehydration, are implemented
  9. Rokku117

    /me farts

    I really don't know about that.
  10. Rokku117

    /me farts

    If you're just looking at this as *just* the /me spam, then sure it's not that big, but I'm looking towards the future. If this is how Admins are going to handle things. I can't see this ending well.
  11. Rokku117

    /me farts

    I don't feel this is an overreaction, I have discussed with others previous to posting this and they agree. This is an issue that I feel pertains greatly to how we handle our server.
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