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  1. Player names have been changed sans myself and banning admin. What was said has been unedited, verify with your own logs if you want. Context was left in at start. I'd like to request a head admin handle this from now on. I'm not arguing against the ban, It was definitely abuse of staff. I'm not arguing that the mute wasn't warranted, it was. It's just super surprising to me that a staff member doesn't know the definition of a word in his own language, and also, that he doesn't know his own rules. Applying them however he see's fit is a gross misuse of power from my perspective. I expect nothing to change.
  2. No bigotry / hate speech including but not limited to ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and religion. So I don't really care that I'm banned, a month a year, don't give a shit. but maybe follow your own fucking rules?
  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha I'm like 99% sure the survival server wasn't shut down because of minecraft mechanics also X exists?
  4. Countries! Like, famous structures/buildings/events that represent the country.
  5. Hello yes, I am here to appeal the ban on my alt account, I have changed the name and would like to come back Cheers, RokkuCXVII
  6. I already called dibs guys, sorry.
  7. What?? D: What am I supposed to do?? I cant play minecraft now! /s lol thanks silver
  8. Actually can I request Silversunset to take over this appeal? I feel lyle is biased. lol
  9. Bahahahahah this is amazing. Lets go, Alright, Switch doesn't even play anymore, I wouldn't consider him a "player" " I'm not going to get in to a semantic argument with you " -jchance This shit is dumb lol
  10. Rokku117

    /me farts

    That's what I am trying to say. As well as better solutions and community discussion before major changes such as dehydration, are implemented
  11. Rokku117

    /me farts

    I really don't know about that.
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