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  1. Minecart spam is not something we roll back progress on the server for >_>. Anyways as long as you understand that you shouldn't spam hundreds of minecarts onto the track I'll unban you now. Admins get notified of every minecart placed, just as a note, specifically because of such things. Unbanned, have fun.
  2. That's a pretty cool waterfall, where is it on the map?
  3. Ah, I get it, but that still takes a long time to do. Also velociraptors are still cool.
  4. When did you first realize you were a terrible person?
  5. Steps 1-6 all at once seems a bit overkill, you should try trimming down that list to 7 and 8... and maybe keep 2... and 5 depending on the situation. (Also you forgot about rollbacks). For the sake of conversation, we need a trained rabid velociraptor to be able to unleash upon unsuspecting rule-breaking users. I think we can all tell why. No, I cannot take this seriously.
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