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  1. The straightforward thing to do is to copy the text chat as they come in. I can't remember if they have timestamps, though. (Hey, maybe this is finally a use for Soundcloud's stupid commenting system...)
  2. Thoughts on troubleshooting: either the server's crashing, or someone's forgetting to flush at the end of a write operation. Say, how is the server being rebooted? A script, or some built-in feature? If the former, is the script merely killing the server or is it nicely notifying the server and leaving the server to tidy up? Also, how's the autosave triggered? With a plugin, script, or CraftBukkit builtin?
  3. Just wondering, for older revisions, wouldn't downloading the revision itself also suffice, unless I'm missing something here?
  4. BTW, it should not matter whether HTTP or HTTPS is being used. A website should be expected to be working properly using either. Edit: Quick post editor is borken. I'll cut the explanation short, since I don't want to type it a third time. It's caused by hardcoding URLs to https instead of //. See this jQuery bug ticket. (There's something weird with the forum text filtering that is always canceling out what I wrote...)
  5. BTW, I've heard reports of this happening a couple of weeks ago when I was on, so it's not something that just popped up. Interesting to note, it seems not everyone loses all their work. At the time I was present, I think most, if not all of my changes were saved, but some others had 5-10 minutes of work undone.
  6. Here, I've created a draft for the content for the info page over at the wiki. It's really not that good (TIL I suck at writing advertisements), so someone please edit it.
  7. I finally finished digging that hole.

  8. BTW, I feel it's worth mentioning that numerous servers (at least from what I can tell) subscribe to the bans from MCPublic. That means if someone is banned here, they may not be able to access some other servers in the duration of the ban. That's something to consider when discussing ban policy, as it doesn't just affect this group of servers, but also certain other servers as well.
  9. BTW, a message that says "Help advertise MCPublic by upvoting! [link]" is already in the alert list on C.
  10. There was an official server trailer . I'll see if I can do a writeup or something today.
  11. Just two things about the wiki off the top of my head: 1. User login log I really don't think it's necessary for the public to be able to see who is trying to log in and their IP addresses. Maybe that log can be made private? (The other public logs don't seem to contain very sensitive information and should be kept out for those who like to keep track of things.) 2. Editing other people's player pages What's the policy for this? A wiki is for anyone to edit, but I'm under the opinion that for player pages, the players know themselves the best. Personally, I only edit others' pages if their are major problems with their formatting, and I make redirects when necessary. If the change is major I leave a message on the talk page. Should rules allow broader changes (allowing others to add relevant content and changing formatting and whatnot) or be stricter (no editing of others' player pages except for non-controversial edits, like date left/date banned)?
  12. I've got Dumbo to move the ravine to the side opposite the wall between the two regions, and everything moved 10 blocks east, so you should be good to go.
  13. I mean the ravine that is within your borders, which I uncovered while doing my dig. Not sure who gets ownership of it, considering it was a natural formation.
  14. Shoot, I sort of wanted to use that large ravine for something. Hmm... Could you sacrifice a corner of your dig? If you're interested, maybe we could work out a way to integrate my build into your area.
  15. Uh-oh, I hope that isn't on the corner of the dig I'm doing right now. Looking at the live map, the east quadrant might be over my lab (see two beacons at -553, -1376). I'll take a look next time I'm on. Note to others: I have plans for the adjacent mountain and maybe the underground portion south of the mountain. Please give me a heads up if you're thinking about those two areas.
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