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  1. I think we do need a rail line policy. I am a big supporter that this is an open and free server, and if you want to build a rail line or highway, you are allowed to, but I understand there are places and times that these transportation lines heavily interfere with people's builds. I'm not sure what you mean by "two worlds". The current plan is to have the End Region expanded and have larger plots for planning. Once your build is two weeks old it will be removed unless you modreq for it to have an extension because you aren't done. I want to give you all a current update of where the cadmins are in the planning process. Right now we are going through seeds looking for a map. We did decide that a seed map would be better as some people like the terrain. We will be heavily worldpainting the map to ensure there is plenty of flat land, and fewer extreme biomes and mountain ranges that people usually don't use. We will have 4 cardinal roads from spawn going out to the edge of the map. These will be pretty small (6 blocks width). There will be no "official" spawn city. Right outside of spawn will be open land. If players want to build and manage their own spawn city that is fine. For pre-made warps, we will have a bigtown, a pixel art, a planning area, and a PVP arena. Spawn has been built in a top secret location on C. Going forward our next steps are to get the map finished and start constructing the next revision. I'll try to update you guys with any milestones/decisions we make along the way. None the above is final by the way, so as always let us know your thoughts.
  2. You didn't update your toaster at all? I don't see a difference in battlestations.
  3. In response to Magnyus, That uservoice is great and we are constantly monitoring it to see how it goes. This thread is if people want to expand on things they need, and to have an open discussion on how we can get those ideas on C. To give you guys an update on those, the PVE/redstone planning area will be a thing, highways will be gone in favor of either standard roads or rails, and spawn city will be very different than in previous revisions. Some questions we are currently facing. Do you think the planning area could be in the end like the current redstone playground? Or is it better to find a large flatland on the map for them. Thoughts on periodically wiping these plots to keep them open and fresh? Highways are over, we would like to just have 4 cardinal roads to start. Do you like the idea of rail lines, or keep it to just a normal 6 block wide road. Spawn City. Should it completely go away, or is there some value in it. If we do go away from it, what should the policy be about builds right outside spawn that quickly get abandoned or are very derpy?
  4. Hey everyone! The next revision of Creative is still a while away, but the Creative Admin Team has begun the planning process to get the next revision ready! We would like to hear from all of you what you thought about this revision and what you think of Creative right now. What did you like about this revision? What would you liked changed for next revision? The feedback from this thread will directly be going into our planning process of revision 28. Please let us know everything that you think would make C a better place to play for everyone. We very much appreciate your feedback and we are listening. Thanks! The Creative Admin Team LetsBFehr, SirTacoFace, and Diamond_Lover123
  5. I'll never act like I forgot about Dray. Thanks for everything!
  7. I'm all for it. Creative needs something like this, and not allowing WE is a big reason for our player count constantly heading down. My only concerns are it's effect on server load. and how to make WE stuff easily rolled back in the case of a grief. (For Example, Player 1 and 2 have a plot together, Player 2 decides to WE 1000 blocks of derp to ruin all the work player 1 has done). A block limit should be placed as well (I forget how much it is for admins now, but something much much smaller than that).
  8. I really like it. Will town hall be facing West or East?
  9. Okay since we have jchance here and on board I think it's time to start going through and prepping the new revision. Here is what we have so far: SEED: The 3rd seed marting posted: 6378218805752454956 SPAWN Suburban setting headed by marting. Small town hall for spawn taking up a block. Offset spawn so border of spawn is within 100 blocks of the town hall. ROADS Pre built Cardinal roads. SIZE old way, start small and expand when needed. Other Dimensions Work in Progress. I personally feel like it's never used and always wasted, and even if stuff is moved there it will never be seen. Tech Changes Unban the following: Projectiles (eggs, snowballs). Enable Fishing Dumbo-written plugin for animals. Allow harmful mobs to exist (I think this would be fun, maybe even have an arena to fight them) Allow Inventory kits Modmode only for mod powers. Allows you to test things and prevents accidental tping to someone who doesn't want you to tp to them. The new rulebook Enable brew stands to work Command Blocks work with a mod approval? ----I know this was discussed, not sure where it is now RESET DATE When the map is prepared and the tech changes can be made. I think the next steps are to start hosting and working on the new map to prepare for a mid-early September reset.
  10. I like all of those seeds. The second one is the best. I made this 3D model of spawn when I had a couple free hours yesterday. The building could be a town hall instead for a more suburban theme. It would be 2-3 blocks away from the border, with a central mall out the front doors running the length until you get to the border. Some more rule changes that we could implement: -include allowing flowing water (see Dumbo's suggestion here: https://nerd.nu/forums/index.php?/topic/2257-possible-changes/) -Make brew stands work, why not?
  11. Books I really like this idea. Simplify the introduction process. Spawn It's time for a small spawn. The current spawn requires a player to fly 450 blocks before he can place one. Maybe have 1 or 2 streets ahead of spawn, with contest winners, then have it open behind that. Spawn City can be all around spawn, maybe with Spawn being a big town hall in the middle plaza? Roads I'm undecided on the pre-made roads concept. Map Size Start out small, expand when needed. I really liked how the smaller map to start required players to interact a bit more, although it did lead to some conflicts. Reset Date Sounds Good The End/Nether Honestly I'm against both of these. The last two revisions nobody has built anything in them, and people just aren't interested. Even with the end I feel like it'll be abandoned after a week and just look derpy like the nether now. Terrain I loved the terrain this rev, and would like to keep it similar. Maybe a few more areas of flatland like you suggested, but besides that it's good. Mobs I like the chunk based idea (Number 2, there isn't a number 1). Is there a way with this to track who kills an animal? Does S or P have something like that? Option 3 isn't my favorite because it requires regions to be made, I kind of like the idea of people have to find mobs, not just ask an admin to spawn them. Option 4 works well too, since I don't really see players having an animal-fest, although it could happen. What about enabling ALL mobs? I don't see the harm in them, and they could provide a little more fun and variety. As long as you remember to turn damages off so a certain fire-breathing mob doesn't tear through spawn when you accidentally spawn it for a friend. Inventories this all sounds good Unbanning Items As we discussed earlier I like all these changes. I also would like to propose the official move to /modmode only for moderating purposes.
  12. I fully support the return on this command. Mostly for the reason Eehee stated with releplaying.
  13. I think a good middle ground is mobs on C (including hostile), but they spawn naturally and have a cap per chunk. I'm not a fan of breeding at all as that can lead to spam and 1 person owning all the mobs in an area. You can keep the animals you find, but can't build an army.
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