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  1. You may give me a message on my skrapssparks account and I will give you any information that I still remember.
  2. We don't go by the whole 'trusted players' group thing, it has way too many problems that could come with it, we also have a rule that there are no ranks or differences in players someone can join the game log into our server and immediately be on equal levels to everyone else.
  3. I love all the new implementations the smaller size will encourage players to build in closer proximity to each other and so hopefully encourage more community based builds such as cities or collections of art/statues ect. I like the idea of reserving a plot at spawn for the CTA although I'd ensure it's at the edge to not interfere with other player's builds. Having the world vanilla will make an excellent use of the new biomes available, although I'd like to have features world painted in such as a mountain ridge or some interesting terrain. Now for my one suggestion: Enable mobs on creative, this seems odd and kind of pointless but limit them to a set number on each chunk and it should be fine, they are useful for certain things, people like pets, people can use them for builds such as farms, it could enable for things such as pig races or horse races and jousting ect. I think it opens up a lot of possibilities but that's just my opinion.
  4. Make a large sign saying "Why is everything blamed on me?" inside.
  5. Again, i'm against the idea of allowing world edit on creative. Even if players are only allowed to WE small sections of land, what is to stop a lot of people getting together and WE all at once causing unwanted lag. The idea of having mods WE areas for you, replications of things such as walls given the fairly low numbers of mods on creative as it is would take longer than just building the wall by hand. I can see it being useful for thing such as dig projects but if you remove all difficulties from a game, what fun is there? Usually to remain interested there should be some form of challenge to your projects or the game just becomes like all games you cheat on dull and boring. E.g. what is the fun in being invincible in a pvp game and what is the fun in instantly winning games. If you make games too easy they lose enjoyment from them. Creative isn't a server dedicated to design, it's not the place for practising what you are going to build on survival or pve it's a server itself and it should have challenges. It's ultimately not up to me, but I'd much rather spend more time on a build and get a better sense of satisfaction from my work than have my build finished in a couple of hours.
  6. Most memorable event on the servers?
  7. If there was an additional server to nerd not including event, s, p or c but something like chaos or minigames what type of server would you have implemented and why?
  8. Now that some time has passed since you were made a CAdmin, do you still view the position the same way? are you enjoying it as much?
  9. In terms of terrain, I'd like vanilla with a few world painted aspects such as a volcano or mountain range. The new biome update brought about many new interesting features we should make use of them. The moderating team is now a lot better, we should look into new mods though however we don't want to mod people after they have been around for a couple of days, I say look into our existing pool of players that have been giving a positive influence on the server for some time now. New features well not saying anything but there should be some new goodies coming your way pretty soon.
  10. If you want to add me on steam give me a message

  11. They are still in discussion, things will take time to go through and get to a reasonable outcome. Having said that we are trying to hurry things on a bit
  12. Hey Baron I'm sorry about the delay I have been away for a while, you are unbanned now.
  13. You can roleplay you just have to make a separate clan chat channel for it so the people not involved don't have to listen.
  14. Your ban was in 2012 thus it will not show up in the /seen anymore, we have also gone through a few revisions since then. Please state that you have read the rules at http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules if you wish to be unbanned.
  15. You say you have never been on the server before yet I still saw you in game griefing. Hence the "caught red handed". Now that either means one of two things. Either you are lying in your appeal which is not a very sensible thing to do, or your account has been used by someone other than yourself. Unfortunately we do not act sympathetic to players that have had their accounts used by someone else as we state that you are responsible for your own account at all times, this is due to us having no way in which we can tell if it is the case or not. I shall give you some simple advice I'd quickly change your password for your minecraft account as soon as possible and not distribute it to other people. I'll like to wait for your reply, before I proceed with this appeal. EDIT: Thanks Mrloud for the ban information.
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