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  1. For the real job was simple: Dethrone bill clinton.
  2. I have very little to say on the subject, but honestly i think the ban system gives a bit to much leway to many people. Im all for 1-3 chances provided they are not in the same week... but i feel like players with long histories of being banned or general trolling/shit starting shouldn't be given infinite amount of chances to appeal. I really don't feel like giving people a 3-9 month ban or even a year ban solves anything when it comes to repeat offenders who just wanna spread resentment.
  3. Shoutout to the fans lol
  4. So i think for town land claims maybe instead of claiming massive areas of land, the towns could just have the power to claim a predetermined area of unused land, say 100x100 for starters. That way you can claim a decent area, keep anyone nearby at a good distance, but not claim stupid amounts of land. For inactive builds however... I would say remove the builds if they have been there for 2 or more months but only if they are small and unfinnished. Lets say its a large build (that isn't in the way of anyone) and is it its on place, don't remove that unless it has been say 4-5 months. Sometimes we get bored mid project. It happens. Some people like to Finnish later. But for tiny shit shacks and particularly ugly eyesores that haven't been finished they should probably be removed after a certain timeframe. also reading to earlier posts: entire post derailed because of who did what and who when where why argument. typical nerd.nu fashion. Stop bickering and get with the program.
  5. i hate movie trailers these days. YOU SEE THE ENTIRE GODDAMN MOVIE BEFORE ITS OUT
  6. I love the idea, but that could work as a player radar if you where to spam it occasionally to check your surroundings. Also if an enderpearl was used in a chase you could have a distance between you of 20+ blocks but still be engaged.
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