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  1. I have been off and on, and will be for the rest of this semester. Working full time and doing 18 credit hours at college. Luckily only 6 more credits in the summer and I have my degree.
  2. See this post for trophy info Here are the links for screenshots Best City Argoth Brom Pico Rose Solace Best Personal Build Gumball Parkour Hamsale's Dome Hyrule Mesa's Edge Greenhouse Scorpio Crater Sunken Gardens of Brom Tizadrienne's Mansion Up and Coming Clearmont Coal City Eitic Hyrule Port Obello Most Unique City Brabantia Christmas Faire Ironstar Metal Mountains Nassaue Most Unique Personal Build Bluexile's Home Burly Lumberjack CARnivore_nds' Colorful Home Gumball Parkour Hamsale's Dome Hyrule Sunken Gardens of Brom Teapot Best Small Build Brom Embassy in Rose Kaefer_'s Inn Mesa's Edge Pub & Brewery Best Redstone Build Brom Autofarm Network and Resource Management System Rose Caverns Two Lips Flower Machine Best Road Avalon Le Pont de Poussin The Sandstone Highway Best Flag Brom Flagpole Hyrule Mesa's Edge Port Obello Rose Yowie
  3. I agree with zomise. With the way the rules are now, one could easily follow the rules and get 99% of the drops. If I made a grinder in which the items fell into a dropper. The dropper had a button wired up to redstone in such that a player could only press the button every minute and the dropper spits out one drop. The rest of the drops feed on through into my chests. This would be a 100% dick move, but it still follows the current rule of allowing access to the drops of my grinder.
  4. Due to the amount of cities that are in the category of Best City, we will be doing a preliminary vote. The Top 5 Cities from this vote will go into the final voting for the Rev 16 Award of Best City See the links below for pictures. Ambrosia Argoth Avalon Brom Mercenary's Outpost Pico Port Apeture RavenRock Rose Seneca Solace Sybercity Vinhaven Westfall Whiteoak Yowie
  5. And with that said, I have used Discord and still prefer Mumble. The main advantage to Discord is people can connect and not have to install anything. The downside to that is, those using the web client have no PTT function if the browser is not the active tab. The chat features I would never use anyways. We have in game chat and an iirc I rarely use. I dont even read the chat that appears in mumble.
  6. Denevien, is it really you? I thought you died or something.
  7. How rude! Sunset can you add me to the black whitelist
  8. Yes, in the shaders (Options / video settings / shaders) change it from "off" to "internal"
  9. I am sorry you cant make it. I would change it but its one of the only free dedicated times I could find on my schedule. And Secret Santa deadline is Dec 22nd
  10. You are all invited to attend our Christmas Party We will be hosting it at the Christmas Faire -125, -580 or just /place Saturday Dec 19th at 5pm PST Events include: Carousel Rides with dunk tank challenge Ice Fishing Tournament Sled Racing Tournament Prize Giveaways and a Raffle If you signed up for Secret Santa then you can drop of your present in the gingerbread house while you are at the party. Mods and Admins: Please respond to this post if you would like to volunteer to be dunked in the dunk tank challenge. Please note the Christmas Faire is being finished up this week. If you stop by early you may not see a fully decorated tree :(
  11. I have been playing with 1.5 and I like it so far. Thanks for all the work on this.
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