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  1. All servers are now on Minecraft 1.12! Take a look at the 1.12 changelog to see what's new. Along with the update, Creative is now using FastAsyncWorldEdit, giving players access to a ton of new tools. Check out the CAdmins' post here for details. The PAdmins will also be posting about some new changes soon -- keep an eye on the PvE changelog to catch their upcoming post. Finally, I'd like to give a massive thanks to the entire admin team for helping to make this update possible. Have fun with 1.12!
  2. We're excited to announce that tomorrow on Sunday, July 9, both Creative and PvE will update to Minecraft 1.12! If you're not familiar with the contents of the update, take a look at the 1.12 changelog to see all of the awesome new features you should be hyped about. Here's our planned schedule for the update: At 3PM EDT, Creative will be taken down for about an hour while it's updated to 1.12. At 4PM EDT, after Creative comes back up on 1.12, PvE will be taken down for an hour to be updated. At 5PM EDT, PvE will come back up on 1.12. Don't tune out during the downtime because after Creative comes back up in 1.12 at 4PM EDT, the CAdmins will be hosting a special 1.12-themed speedbuild event on Creative at /warp speedbuild! Minigames will also be updated to 1.12, for those who would like to participate in Capture the Flag or King of the Hill during the downtime. In addition to the vanilla 1.12 gameplay changes, look forward to posts from the CAdmins and PAdmins before the update containing information about additional changes that will be coming to the servers. I hope you're all as excited as we are for the new 1.12 changes, and we'll see you all there!
  3. Can C users use //setbiome again?

    The reason //setbiome was originally removed from default permissions is that WorldEditRegions, the plugin we use to restrict WorldEdit to players' regions, doesn't respect region boundaries when players run //setbiome. That means anyone could set the entire map to swamplands, which is a Bad Thing for people to be able to do. I believe that FastAsyncWorldEdit, an alternative to WorldEditRegions, might handle //setbiome correctly (in addition to doing some other things better too), but when we last tested it prior to the current revision, it was unstable and had some unignorable bugs. We're in the process of reevaluating FAWE during the 1.12 update though, so if we decide it's stable enough and it handles //setbiome correctly, I see no reason not to restore access to it.
  4. crispycarrot [Dumbo52]

    Hello, So sorry for the delay -- you've been unbanned. Welcome back!
  5. crispycarrot [Dumbo52]

    Hi crispycarrot, You were banned for destroying a roller coaster build on the Creative server. You were previously warned by another staff member for destroying the same build. Destroying another person's build, regardless of its quality, is considered griefing and is against the rules. If there's a build that's in your way in the future, you can either submit a modreq to ask if an admin can move the build or consider building somewhere else on the map where there's more free space. To be unbanned, have a read over our rules at http://nerd.nu/rules/ and reply here one day from now stating that you've read and will abide by the rules.
  6. Creative Revision 32 Feedback

    I actually really like this "Slow Build" idea. This would give players -- especially those who can't make it to the weekly speed builds -- an outlet to build something along with the rest of the community. As long as interesting topics are chosen and the contest is properly advertised (alert and/or MOTD and a weekly reddit post with last week's winners and this week's theme), I could see this being pretty popular.
  7. Sorry, I should have communicated this more clearly. The highways are meant to be something that anyone can connect to. They're not protected (protecting them would require way too many cuboid regions anyway), so if someone wants to connect their city or another road to it, they can do so without asking (kind of like this, if it were less clumsily done). In that same spirit, I think it should be fine to include part of it in a protection, if a build is right next to it. I'll put some signs next to the highway periodically with information for users.
  8. [PMC] Fundraiser #2 - Development

    Regarding the tech feature requests you mentioned, they all sound pretty doable within the planned time span. I'm willing to get started on these within the next week. Here's my proposed specification: Scoreboard support Configuration: scoreboard.enable: boolean - enables/disables the scoreboard featureDisplay lines: For each team:Team headingLabel: team name (in team's color) Team scoreLabel: "Score" Value: team score Team player countLabel: "Players" Value: team player count For each buff/debuff:Label: buff effect Example scoreboard display: Red Team Score 15 Players 10 Speed I Blue Team Score 10 Players 11 Slowness I Regeneration I I'm not too familiar with the scoreboard API yet, so there may be further enhancements that can be made to the scoreboard display (e.g. possibly using tooltips to display additional information). Questions: Do we want to display the number off online players, or total players per team? Or both? Flag point value Configuration: teams.<team>.flags.<flag>.value: integer - number of points rewarded by this flagCommands: /cutepvp flag set <team> <flag> [value=1] - add optional value parameter to this command Team-specific alerts and broadcasts Configuration: teams.<team>.alerts.period: integer - number of ticks between alerts teams.<team>.alerts.current: integer - index of the last alert broadcasted to the team teams.<team>.alerts.messages: list of strings - list of alerts to cycle through Commands: /cutepvp broadcast <team> <message> - broadcast the specified message to players on the specified teamQuestions: It'd be easier to just modify the alerts in the configuration instead of creating a bunch of commands for modifying them from in-game, so the server would need to be restarted for any changes to take effect. Is this acceptable, or do we anticipate having to add/remove alerts mid-game? Passive buffs Configuration: buffs.passive.<buff>.<effect>.amplifier: integer - potion effect amplifier buffs.passive.<buff>.<effect>.duration: integer - duration of buff in number of ticks; applied indefinitely if none specified teams.<team>.buffs.<buff>.start_millis: long - time at which the passive buff was applied Commands: /cutepvp buff add <team> <buff>: adds the specified passive buff to the specified team /cutepvp buff remove <team> <buff>: removes the specified passive buff from the specified team Buff tower owners Questions: "Change the owners of buff towers" - what do you mean by this? Do you mean to allow admins to add/remove team buffs from each team? If so, the passive buff commands could also be made to work for team buffs. Grant points to teams Commands: /cutepvp score set <team> <score>: sets the specified team's score to the specified value /cutepvp score add <team> <score>: adds the specified value to the specified team's score (can be negative to subtract) Team balance Questions: Have we decided on a method of balancing teams yet? Let me know if you have any suggestions/feedback on these proposed changes to the plugin.
  9. LordCoventry [Dumbo52]

    Again, apologies for the delayed response -- I'm currently on vacation, and I've been without internet access for much of the time. My main concern with giving you an unban date is that your in-game behavior has given me the impression that your sole goal in logging into P was to become banned again. Since the removal of your previous ban in March, your only actions on the servers have been to flaunt your disregard for our rules, and you've had no productive interactions as a player on our servers. Furthermore, you've taken no accountability for your actions and have shown no remorse so far in this appeal. As far as I'm concerned, you've only persisted in your apparent desire to stay banned. If you want to be unbanned, act like it -- otherwise, it seems pretty counterproductive to unban you. For that reason, I'm not going to set a ban length right now. Instead, please submit another appeal no earlier than 6 months after your ban date (on or after January 31, 2016) and, depending on whether your attitude has changed, we can take another look at your ban. I'll leave this appeal open for a few more days in case you have any questions. If there is no response within 5 days from now, I'm going to close this thread and wait for your reappeal in 5 months.
  10. LordCoventry [Dumbo52]

    LordCoventry, I apologize for the delay in this response. You were banned on the PvE server because you destroyed another player's house, replacing it with a swastika and a phallic build: You also placed several signs with racist, homophobic, and otherwise very offensive text. Additionally, you killed animals that were penned and clearly belonged to someone else. I also found that you had made the following remarks in public chat on P the previous day: Not knowing that this was someone's house is no excuse for this behavior. Even ignoring all of the other rules you've broken, griefing is the destruction of any build without the builder's permission. Whether or not you thought the house had an owner is irrelevant to the fact that you destroyed someone else's build without having received anyone's permission to do so. Compounding upon these offenses, I'd also like to bring attention to the fact that this is not your first ban. You were banned in November of last year under your previous Minecraft username, shoobox, for x-raying. The relevant appeals are linked here: Appeal 1 Appeal 2 Appeal 3 Appeal 4 To summarize this history: After you were banned for x-raying, your ban was extended for inappropriate conduct in Mumble and on the forums, and you were temporarily banned from posting on the forums. Your ban was extended again after you were found to have created four more forum accounts in order to evade your forum ban. You were unbanned in March, four months after you had originally been banned. Before I give you a ban length, I'd like you to tell me why you think we should unban you this time, in light of these past events. It's clear that you learned nothing from your previous ban; after telling us that "I appologise for my behavior and would like to say that it will not occur again" and "I have read the rules and I understand them", your behavior does not appear to have changed at all from that which got you in trouble earlier. What makes this time any different? On a side note, I'd also like to ask you not to attempt to troll your way through this appeal like you did your last one. I think that we can both stand to be respectful of each other, and being forthcoming about your actions would be a good place to start; telling the truth and taking this appeal seriously will be your best chance of getting unbanned.
  11. Planned Inactivity

    I'll be on vacation from August 20th to the 30th. I might still be available some of the time, but don't expect to hear much from me during that period. I'll also be moving on September 4th, after which I'll likely have more time to dedicate to Nerd than I have been lately.
  12. Mooseknuckel2 [Dumbo52]

    You were banned for griefing and tree spam on the creative server under your previous name, natebacon63: Screenshot album You also have one previous ban for griefing. However, since this ban is almost a year old, and your previous ban occurred over two and a half years before that, I'm willing to unban you. Just reply here stating that you have read and agree to the rules, and you'll be unbanned. Please keep in mind that, given your history, any future offenses will be taken more seriously.
  13. [PMC] Blocking /spawn command on creative

    This hasn't actually been done yet since due to the way permissions work, individual flags can't be blacklisted without also preventing admins from setting them. I think it's reasonable for now to ask moderators not to set the "blocked-cmds" or "allowed-cmds" flags, but I'll coordinate with the cadmins to come up with a whitelist of flags that should be able to be set by moderators.
  14. atho01 [Dumbo52]

    You were banned for griefing on the creative server: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Since this ban is almost three years old, I'm willing to unban you. Just reply here stating that you have read and agree to the rules, and you'll be unbanned.
  15. [PMC] Donations and Personal Info?

    I agree that the details of the donation process are probably a little murkier than they should be; I'll try to shed some light on it. The process works roughly like this: You click the Donate button at http://nerd.nu/donate/. You're taken to PayPal, where you authorize and confirm the transaction. PayPal sends us the results of the transaction, including some personal information about the donor. We store the transaction results in a database, and some non-sensitive information about the donation is posted publicly in the donation list. A few important things to note here: The only pieces of personal information PayPal sends us are your first and last name, your email address, and your country, state, and city. However, I know that even some of this information is probably more than we need to collect, so I'm discussing with the other tech admins the possibility of no longer collecting any information about donors' names or locations. Essentially, instead of just storing the full contents of what PayPal sends us, we'd only be picking out the non-sensitive information when receiving data from PayPal. I'll let you know what we decide on this topic. Tech admins are the only ones with any access to the personal information PayPal sends us. Even then, we should not be looking at this information -- we have access to it only out of virtue of the fact that the tech admins control the box on which the information is stored. The only information that will be available to the public about your donation is your username (or first name, if you fail to provide a username), the amount you donated, and the time at which your donation was processed. We provide this information because we'd like to give recognition to everyone who has decided to donate to keep the servers running; there is no personal information here. Finally (and maybe this should have been mentioned sooner), if you're still concerned about your personal information, PayPal also allows you to donate using your credit card, bypassing the PayPal login (see the "Don't have a PayPal account?" area in the bottom left once you've clicked the donate button). This payment method actually sends us significantly less information about you; the only personal information included if you pay with your credit card is your first name and email address, but we receive all of the information we need to fully recognize you in our donation list. So, while we're doing our best to protect your privacy, you also have the option to use an alternate payment method which does some of the work of hiding your personal information for us -- it's completely your decision, and any donations will be greatly appreciated. I also plan on including some of this information about privacy (as well as some other interesting and useful information about the donation drive) on the new donation page (which should be released soon!) so that everyone can have these questions answered. I hope this answers most of your questions. I understand that the topic of privacy is very important to some people, so please let me know if you have any further concerns.