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  1. The Face Behind the Name

    NEVA already posted himself and nick has shown himself before...
  2. The Face Behind the Name

    I have one more, Vape Nation...
  3. The Face Behind the Name

    Might as well post an updated picture of myself, so here is a flightline selfie. And then there's NEVAstop, nickeox, and myself in Chicago.
  4. Creative Weekly Build Contests

    Airplanes Memes yeah that's about all I can think of....
  5. 'Expanding the community' - Poll

    I'm not sure what category Grand Theft Auto V would go under but this would be a fun game to get some people on.
  6. [Forum Game] Google image war!

    Dogs pulling the bumper off a police cruiser.
  7. The Face Behind the Name

    Show your face, I demand you.
  8. I am Flame623_... Ask Me Anything!

    I don't agree with that. I don't know. Maybe the logo thing?
  9. The Face Behind the Name

    Dat ice cre- *ahem* Gelato
  10. [ENABLED] Creative /me

    I, and many others use "/bukkit:me [text]"