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  1. Why am I banned? You have been banned because you were found in violation of the rules on the nerd.nu Minecraft servers. Please note that a ban does not always mean you have done something wrong. Banning a user and asking them to appeal later is a tactic used by the staff to draw attention to the rules for users who are not online when misconduct is unearthed. Please do not panic or take any bans personally and react as such, as we have an extremely high success percentage for appeals. Please work with the staff and answer any questions honestly and respectfully. What rules must I follow when appealing? - Please do not use profanity when appealing - Please be polite and understanding of the actions of all staff and users. - State your case briefly and honestly. Chances are we know exactly what you did, and lying will not get you unbanned. - Take responsibility for any actions on the server. Okay, I'm all set. How can I appeal? Register an account on our forums and login first, then fill out the box at the bottom of this page. In the large box titled "Appeal Body", summarize events as best you remembered them and state your point of view. You will typically be asked to read the rules and to state that you agree to them. You may be asked to follow additional instructions before you are unbanned, so bookmark your appeal and check back on it later. If you lose the link to your appeal, you can view the ban appeals section by going here. Please allow up to 48 hours before commenting again on your appeal; a moderator will address your appeal as soon as they are available. Please do not comment on other players' appeals. Ban Appeal: Yes what I did was wrong, stringing cart-chest along CTAS, idk i guess i got peeved that i lost at spleef and wanted to have fun, but i took it too far and now all my stuff in Nerd.NU is possibly gone but when working with virtual assets, it can be all gone, just poof. I was bored, seeing others have more fun than me, a problem user. I will read the rules and i agree or agreed to them but assumed any playful spamming of chests would instantly despawn like most protected areas, I got carried too far away. you can take me out of griefing but you cant take griefing out of me without hardcore lockdown. I feel small compared to other players. Sandboxing for me is building something then experimenting how it works, sometimes breaking it but I wanted to see how far i could string chests, well theres nothing memorable about what i done, i built patrick stair, spongeblock, and those other crazy redstone contraptions but they were already made and made better than mine. I didn't have fun until i started goofing off.
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