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  1. Hello all, I have taken a long break from this community because minecraft bored me and so did many of the people who were around when I decided to leave. I've had a bit of a flick through the threads and topics on this site to get an idea of where the community is at now and I was wondering If I could pose a couple of questions to see if it were worth coming back P.S If this kind of post is against the rules, I'm sorry, I'm a bit out of the loop. Questions: Is the server still active or are the numbers thinning? What voice chat does the server use now? (mumble was empty) Is tobylane still here? Who are the current admins? Have you guys become even more anal about rule enforcement? Is survival still dead and forgotten? Are people still arguing over the old days of nerd.nu (which by the way, kicked ass) Are mods still horridly unequipped to deal with simple issues in game such as land disputes and teleporting people and mobs when they get trapped? Has the age demographic of C.NERD moved past the very early teens? Is nerd.nu virtually dead? That's all the questions I have, I hope somebody will be willing to answer. Researching all this stuff myself would be exhausting. Cheers, - Bad Apple
  2. Ok, Back in the day when I was but a wee lad, I was playing on survival and having a blast. I often got combat logged on all the time and so whenever I was in battle I'd do the same. Little did I know that logging was actually against the rules regardless of how often it was occurring (Maybe it was just a weird rev) even admitting that I was such a logger in public chat once. Anyways, these bans were 3 years ago if not longer and I'd love to have them remove to have my record be wiped clean. Thanks all, Bad_apple_797
  3. While I am one more for private conversations when it comes to personal arguments and rebuttals, I am posting here in response to you only due to how you have expressed that you do not contact the community in other ways. For one, Your justification for verbally attacking me stemming from a 'blatant' undertone of sexism in the 'majority' of things that I said is a justification based on a complete and utter lie. I would like to have been known for the sake of this community who may easily fall victim to their minds over validating juicy gossip, that I in no way am a sexist individual and I don't believe any of the conversations that I have ever had on mumble were alluding to negativity towards either gender at any point. This is a misconstructed excuse for behavior exhibited towards me which quite frankly to others could be considered disgusting and patently immature but I have too much of a spine to let those kind of things get to me now. Know that I was a young, brash and outspoken individual when I started using mumble (I was a twelvie ffs) and I completely understand why many members (in their late teens and 20's) took to the classic internet troll, hate team attitude in relation to me. At age 13 when I first started using mumble and throughout my years using mumble, I have never had a sexist thought in my head while speaking to individuals. I spoke to males and females alike without any predispositions towards either gender. I have made plenty female friends on and away from the server and treat them with the same respect that I would treat any another human being with. I am learning the profession of teaching where there is an astounding ratio from females to males and i am surrounded by the lady pplz everyday without it being a bother at all. I attend a highly female focused university that has a strong advocacy for equal gender rights in the work place and other aspects of society and home-life. My mother was deeply and actively involved in interstate gender equality movements that span from workplace rights to public representation and such when she held me as an infant. Your allegation towards me while I don't give 2 shits whether it could be a justification for the way I was treated on mumble and such, is insulting and blatant evidence that you do not know a single fucking thing about me. 2. You were not the one who verbally attacked me on mumble, you were one of many people who engaged in taunting me, intentionally describing me with the words 'retard' and 'autistic' because I once dared to suggest to the community that out policy of acceptance respect should extend to all appropriate minorities such as the disabled (being that I worked in a disabled school at the time) before the thread was quickly shut down by the moderators. Whatever verbal crusade you think you went on in response to the evil immature things I apparently said on mumble was not the full extent of the harassment I underwent and I certainly believe that some of the characters who engaged in that would never have attributed it to retaliation towards my 'sexism'. Many who I have spoken to after all of this have boiled it down to the fact that it was fun and they were just being a troll. And that, I am totally ok with now because they aren't lying fucking scumbags about why they did things such as linking me to pornographic material to hear my young shrieks. It's people like you who were on their fucking high horse all the time when they did shit like this as if it was justice. Did I say mean personal shit to others during my time on mumble? Hell yeah I did, when I got older and wiser I made little effort out of making deserving people have a cry on mumble. Not with comments that were ban worthy but I just hit the personal nail on the head to give some of those fuckwits their own medicine. I just had to even mention the existence of a controversial topic only to see other people in the channel start arguments and break friendships due to their inability to respect an opinion without completely avoiding the subject in which the opinion was held. People's inability to handle adult concepts made for a ticking time bomb to a hilarious explosion of verbal conflict and incoherent juvenile babble. And I amused myself for a while, taking advantage of the community's tolerance for harassment that didn't fall into the categories of hatespeech, NSFW, or spam. But alas, I was made the enemy, for daring to become better at making others feel shit how they were able to make my younger self feel shit. I got muted and banned for 'interrupting people in mumble' (not my fault chat lag exists) and 'bringing up drama'. Along with a distasteful private message I sent to a particular moderator which merely held swearwords in it. That has been the only mumble ban I have ever been landed with and it had nothing to do with sexism. 3. Those staff members who were personally thanking you for standing up to me, surely would have banned me if I was being blatantly sexist or sexist at all. Why were they all for you engaging in counter abuse towards me instead of banning me themselves. What was stopping them? You are describing your friends as shitty moderators/admins if you believe that their only defense against a sexist misogynistic evil like me was your distasteful comments in response. 4. My former alias is not a former alias, I still use it 5. If I have ever made a remark that was sexist at all, it would never have been with any belief or emotional support behind the statement. If I ever did that, it would only be to offend a said individual who felt strongly about it and said person would have to had crossed every line to land themselves a statement like that from me. I am the kind of person who believes that just because it is widely unacceptable to have a certain view, it doesn't mean you get to hold invulnerability to any offence you may derive from it while expressing your own hateful view of something felt strongly by others. If someone has wronged me and the only way I can make them feel real shit is by saying something that is banned due how distasteful it is, I'm not pulling punches for the sake of this community's twisted, incomplete view of political correctness. I do not believe that allowing words to be uttered from my mouth that allude to sexism defines my stance on gender equality. While I do not recall and find it extremely unlikely that I would ever make a sexist comment around this kind of community, I'm not saying it is beyond me to say something like that in any given circumstance. I am saying this because I believe that you may have based your aforementioned justification on one comment that I may have made at one point which I am happy for you to share with me. Only for me to try to remember the circumstance and then explain the context in which it was delivered but I'll have you know that saying that this sexism was in the majority of my discussions is absolute horseshit. If you wish to continue your discussion on this very forum feel free. If I have Nullsquare, explained something poorly, please do ask for elaboration. I tend to forget that we all have different levels of literacy and I will often need to simplify my comments for the sake of public viewership. I look forward to your reply, I am all for and always have been for mature topics. While I do have a temper and also a lack of tolerance for idiocy, I am happy to drop the passive aggressive comments I have made towards you (I won't deny that I do it) so that we can speak on an intellectual level ( Though I doubt you'll go for that, Its how most people convince themselves their winning an argument these days). Hopefully we can both give it a good go. and cheers to eehee for relaying that message. Edit: typo fixing and grammatical rephrasing
  4. I feel like 2 years without gained ground would be enough to convince someone to give up but I don't know anything I guess
  5. This is why I had a go at you Toby. I saw my post was just about arguing the nooks and crannies of my wording and so I asked to have it closed and you felt it was a testament to the argument being invalid which from looking at it's support, was not the case. That's what happened there, I don't ever see us getting somewhere with this issue, even if we all had discussions void of negativity, no one is going to move on their stance because people prefer to assume that they had everything right on their first go rather than allowing themselves to tailor their view based on evidence and valid points. When we try to have a civil discussion, the mere existence of a differing opinion motivates one rotten apple to spoil the bunch and make it personal, or tread over a no longer relevant/already resolved issue in the past. I remember the old days where this shit didn't happen, and looking at the staff team now I feel like the staff could have easily just banned everyone who had an attitude worthy of allowing themselves to be labeled toxic as a quick fix to the drama. I think the reason they don't do this is because deep down inside they know this particular crusade while controversial is also noble. So instead they let it fester in public chat and allow our opinions to be ignored thanks to all the new players who didn't know how things used to be and are happy to argue with a historically limited view of the whole ordeal.
  6. The staff team have no control over their biases, [staff 1] and [staff 2] were in a channel where the words 'n****r and f***ot were used in the middle of and following, the discussions the channel was having involving degrading statements about [more public accusations]. [staff 1] was happy to join in on the [Player 1] insult wagon by calling him and I quote 'one bipolar son of a gun' after laughing at [Player 2's] comment about him being a f***ot. Before that we were all talking about what a terrible admin mrloud was and how fucked the community was to which the admin in the channel agreed (I think [staff 1] was in the channel for only some of the mr loud conversation, I'll have to go back over my recording) I guess toxic S players aren't the only people who are willing to talk about how fucked the server is. I have recordings of these conversations and would be happy to release them for all people to see that our staff integrity isn't great, It's terrible and this comment will be removed but I assure you all that I literally had to was just sit in a mumble channel for 20 minutes to gain all this stuff. For all those who were saying my claims were unsubstantiated, its all documented ready for approval by the staff to link but they will do everything in their power to stop me from revealing the truth. [staff 2] is gonna threaten legal action if this post somehow manages not to get removed, I'm sure the internet police will get around to the claim after they have dealt with all the important shit [staff 2]. Typing isn't the only way people can say incriminating things nerd.nu staff but I as a bystander cannot without breaking the rules, give concrete evidence of such claims. So they would just get ignored and disregarded. Oh well< i'm basically just posting this as a test for myself to see what kinda covering up the admins are willing to do.
  7. Lock this one too, It turned into: 'This is why you shouldn't be using the word toxic so much' Response: 'I don't like toxic people, stop defending bad behavior!... RAMBLE RAMBLE EEHEE!' EEHEE: 'Shut up you stupid piece of neglected autism, face me like a real man!' Derail, Derail, Derail
  8. Issue: Moderation inconsistencies Evidence of it: Instances explained like mumble observations and the testimonies of other inconsistencies that some of the players in the thread commented on. That lay out enough for you? do you need me to draw a flow diagram too?
  9. None of you actually read the text fucking swear it. You all have comprehension issues (I used another big word :o). The failure of people's ability to interpret or even bother to read large 'essays' goes to show how basic you are in the head. I tired saying it nicely, I've tried repeating myself when you fail to read the first time. I'm fucking sick of it all, the server's fucked and nothing short of a moron cull is going to save it. Someone lock this thread already, we're wasting interwebs
  10. I'm not venting, you haven't seen venting. I flowered up my language to make it carebear friendly, I stated my points and literally all I hear is 'I haven't seen any examples out of the ordinary... people interpret things different ways... I'd love to hear more about these instances you speak of...' I've shown that there is a problem through examples above, I've explained why I can't name those people, I feel that this isn't the issue of those individuals necessarily and that we all could do with a good conduct and community value re evaluation. In this post I have identified an issue, Shown the issue isn't made up, I've suggested a way to tackle the problem and I've done so without screaming how stupid all of your fucking answers are. All the 'toxic shitty S players' have been bringing this stuff up for two years and I posted it to you in a very gentle, explanatory way. I gave evidence the problem exists and I provided instructions as to how nerd.nu can take baby steps towards being a fucking joke instead of a complete and utter fucking joke because lets face it, you're a long way from being able to deal with the large issues let alone the issue of just polishing your fucking basic rule enforcement. but the discussion just got flooded by the same dimwitted statements about how unobservant you all are or how you think that because its common to have utter inconsistency within the moderating of the server that the existence of the problem justifies it's own existence. Yes I know cops don't always give you the same punishment cyotie, it doesn't fucking mean its an ok system. It's like if I said 'people shouldn't go to war because people die from them and they tear countries apart' and some idiot responds 'well wars happen all the time so we shouldn't try to fix it because it happens alot' And don't act like the issue is unfixable 'human nature' coz anyone around knew that the staff team used to be tight as shit compared to the players becoming mods and (a week later,) admins now. I thought no one was listening to the S players because of the people who were being assholes about voicing their concerns but nope, even when I state it while kissing everyone's ass at the same time, it appears you're all just very special people and will never understand why or even notice that your community is falling to pieces. I have logs and recorded conversations of so many cases of shitty moderating, admining and all this other corrupt shit but from memory, it gets silenced and censored immediately due to the fantastic integrity .of our admin team which doesn't in anyway consist of cock gobbling power hungry shitlords I thought I'd try to tackle the problem of the poorly mismanaged mess that is the server today in a way where I was nice about it but no one wanted to hear it like it was and no one wanted to hear it like it wasn't. nerd.nu was a great thing, maybe the best minecraft community and now there are 12 year old hosted realm server admins who are laughing at us. I'll be laughing too...
  11. You're right, I don't know what the fuck im talking about, the 2000 words of thought and explanation I gave were not strong enough to post as outline by pyros incredibly detailed and thoughtful rebuttal of my stupid politically incorrect one sided discussion that I dared to use the word 'every' in even when surrounded by the words 'practically' and 'to some degree'. I have made no attempts to accommodate both sides of an issue and have gone out of my way to throw blame on individuals instead of calling this the result of circumstance. I'm using the phrase 'derailed' so I can run away and hide from a topic I am clearly not passionate about at all. i just posted it because Im a stupid toxic S player who wants to ruin everyone's day. I can't wait to go harass and troll the admin team who have no room for improvement cause that's all I'm good for. Damn you logical ppl! You've outsmarted me with wit and objective analysis of my discussion! Clearly you all have very good listening skills, I'm full of bullshit and lies. There are no problems with nerd.nu, I made it up for attention.
  12. And there it is, the classic topic derail the issue with the way I have presented my topic rather than a contribution to the topic itself. Well we may as well lock it now, anyone with half a brain knows this is the time to stop reading. Hope someone will think about this, as for now the topic has lost it's purpose and credibility, Admin feel free to close...
  13. When I said every staff member is guilty, I mean of allowing personal thought to weigh in on their decision, I don't believe anyone makes their banning decisions wholly objective, maybe the mods who have only bothered to ban 2 people in their entire career. As for trying to invalidate them, im not against making mistakes and im not saying we should have a faultless staff team. idk where you got that idea from, especially when im saying that other people would do the same things in their position. There could just be some improvement in this area, some tidying up if you will...
  14. This is not an invitation to start a flame war, keep your comments civil if you want to comment (or just tell me im full of shit and don't know wtf im talking about) and you can talk about the experience from your perspective in a polite fashion.
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