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  1. Pretty against this. If there's already a problem with people not wanting to fight in arenas to lose their armour, what exactly is the incentive to mine and gather as much materials as possible if there's a possibility that they could lose a lot more than just their armour? Where is the line drawn between "Survival" and "Chaos"? Theoretically, if we're only going to be able to lock... let's say, 2 chests, what exactly is going to propel the player to collect more materials? Of this could be argued with "hiding your chests" better, but then I could very easily see everyone migrating underground, and fewer incentives than before to get that first plot on the main road. Sure it's "fun to raid people's chests", but at what cost? Personally, I like the idea of people owning plots and making bases right on the road, and if we were to implement this grief-able chest idea, I could very easily see everyone hiding away, and an overall decrease in PvP due to the now more widely dispersed players. I dunno, just my two cents.
  2. Suggestion: Launch another 24-hour donation drive and have a full day's worth of 4 team capture the flag? If I recall correctly, they've been very successful. I'd love to see this happen again sometime soon.
  3. Hey, not sure if this has been talked about, but I am an admin on a server where you can use the command /speed to change your flying and walking speed. /speed 10 is the fastest, and /speed 1 is the default. Not sure about any of the tech that would go into this but it would be cool to fly around the always expanding creative world at a faster speed. Maybe this would even encourage people to fly around more and explore. I don't know. Anyways, please consider my request. Thanks.
  4. Excellent questions boys! The answer to both questions is actually, "Kiwi". Yep. I'm not sure how, or why. If you have any more questions regarding this area of interest, please contact either of my two assistants specialized in that category: TornadoHorse and gsand. Thanks!
  5. Hi and welcome the show! Being Paul H. B. Jennings personal assistant and life coach is a truly humbling position. Paul is a good man. Actually, I'm on his assistant today because he rescued me off the streets of Gaul. I am a truly a fortunate man. And um... about the charges... umm... please see my lawyer, AvadaKedavra03
  6. Thanks for the question! Personally, I'm gonna have to agree with you here. For more on why I agree with you, please contact my assistant, forzaire.
  7. Thank you for joining us, and marvelous question! During my years in pilgrimages to Gaul, Compton, etc, the best lion artist I've ever seen has got to be... Paul H. B. Jennings. Kid's got talent. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming copyright infringement law suits I am getting for this AMA, his work is private. If you are interested in seeing his work, please contact my assistant, AvadaKedavra03.
  8. The crafting block is an old inside joke with the members of the KotCT, or Knights of the Crafting Table. Honestly, I have no idea why we choose that block to... "represent"! Good question!
  9. Yes nickey here, thanks for these wonderful questions. To start off, I have you know what Kiwi is, is not what he isn't. Mumberthrax is commonly mistaken as a doctor, as it would appear, although he is actually just a psychologist. Any questions regarding Tony should be redirected to Tony at TornadoHorse. Finally, I have not yet discovered Gaul. However if you are looking to pay some... under the table cash, I might be able to remember more clearly
  10. Hi dizney, and thanks for having me on the show! These are good questions, and I'm glad my fans are wondering! To answer your first question, the answer is yes. I am in frequent contact with said author who will remain anonymous due to increasing copyright infringements. Following up, it's also true that his new book WILL be precisely $172 and 3 nickels. Good observation! Lastly, it's been popular belief that this author has had gerafe like features, but unfortunately, it's never been factually confirmed. Floatism has always been a touchy subject to me. In my opinion, it brings up too many other questions, like "What is kiwi?", "Is mumberthrax a licensed doctor?", and "Who is Tony?". Even the occasional "Where is Gaul located?" So to answer your question, I will leave you with "no comment" at this time. To me, when it comes to jet beams melting steel fuel, I try to take every conspiracy theorists theories into account. As an open-minded person, I'm not going to leave it out of the equation. Do you think the government wants us to know that steel fuel can be melted by jet beams? I'm not quite sure. Any questions involving skeletons should be referred to my assistant, TornadoHorse. Thanks. It's a commonly known fact, I do have many alts. Some include, as you said: rtr69, gsand, & dizney07, although not to exclude some of my others, including: mazza45, pkome, rainshadow, mumberthrax, TornadoHorse, and GizzleTinks. Snowcones with polar bears? The place doesn't matter! Just please tell me it's one of their birthdays.
  11. Hi and welcome to my AMA. If any of you were wondering, I've been around since like... 2011. Started off on the original servers, migrated to PvE for a few revisions, erecting many prosperous cities, and then on to survival. Now, I usually switch around on servers, trying to be active on all three. Outside of Minecraft, I am a college student who enjoy sports... specifically basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, and soccer. My favourite TV show is Star Trek: The Original Series, and if I had to choose a favourite school subject, it'd be geography. Feel free to ask me any questions! Thanks!
  12. Hello and thank you for your time. Apparently you can appeal for notes to be removed now, so I would like to appeal some old ones. I feel like some of the old notes do not represent me as the player I am today. Notes: - luke_gardner placed chest in another person's base near grinder 3 years, 4 months ago This must've been some sort of mistake, because I do recall this being my own clan's grinder. - Zitkovich griefed farms 3 years, 2 month ago These farms, were my own farms. Vaguely remember destroying it to move it to the farm we made underground, in our base. - Denevien Warned for Chat Spam on P 1 year, 7 months ago Don't recall this one exactly, but I don't chat spam anymore... haha - tompreuss warned twice regarding racist and homophobic language on P 1 year, 4 months ago Not sure wot this one's about because I don't really recall being racist or homophobic at all on nerd.nu servers, but I'm certainly not racist or homophobic anymore... Truly disconcerting to see this on my history. - jchance temp mute on P for not being civil in chat 1 month, 1 week ago This one is recent, however it was for trolling my... friends... who I know in real life. Understandable if this one can't be removed though. - Bardidley Warned for NSFW build on C. 3 weeks, 2 days ago My friend, Spamasaur, had made it, I had just added a few blocks and was in the area. I called Bardidley over to take a look. Spamasaur said he was going to make it in to an actual rocketship, however. [source: http://www.mcbouncer.com/u/d61da79901c44729bb4e62e8b76ee20a/notesFor ] If any of these can be removed, that'd be cool. I appreciate and thank whoever is in charge of this Note Appeal. Thanks again. [Edit: Times of notes updated, some sentences made clearer.]
  13. Hello. Sorry, prosecution and doxxing sshadow04 and read the rules. If I can come back, it will be awesome. I love playing server nerd.nu. Edit: Grammar updated
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