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  1. I'm pretty sure someone is dragging their feet, and it's definitely not mojang.
  2. Entity activation range on PvE is pretty low. The minecraft mob AI doesn't allow much movement once the horse has been activated. It was definitely pushed there. How long does it usually take to investigate these things? Treating every case as the worst case scenario causes threads like this. It's one of the reasons that caused survival to die.
  3. The main island is located around 0,0
  4. Um.... There is no second end dimension. Upon killing the dragon, two portals are generated, the return portal and the end gateway portal. both are not generally destructible unless a second end dragon is spawned, which is caused by the game mechanics. Both portals aren't player destructible or through explosions. The end gateways don't teleport you to a secondary end world. They teleport you a 1500 or so blocks way from the main end island where multiple end islands with end cities and end ships are generated. That way, people with existing worlds won't need to start over. Ender dragon respawning is only a placeholder; a new method for respawning the dragon will replace this one at some point before 1.9 is released. Shulkers are indeed limited. :D Note: parts of this comment are plagiarized from [Minecraft Wiki](http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/) ;D ;D ;D
  5. Definitely the case. That's what the large servers have been doing for the past few years, ever since the hey0 days. That's not really the case though, even that wave was missed too.
  6. Hmm... good point. Enthusiasm should trickle down, and that doesn't really seem to be happening.
  7. Nobody will stay if there's no feature parity to most of other pvp type servers. That's a fact. and it's the reason for the downward trend. Most servers nowadays have multiple koth arenas, limits on over powered vanilla enchantments, some sort of base protection, economies, armor kit effect for various tasks. That would be a good starting point.
  8. When the servers initially split, they were radically different. In the past 10 maps, s has essentially become a pve clone with less features. Although pvp is encouraged, it's rarely happens and isn't generally expected. So for new people joining, they check out both servers, see that nobody is dying on both of them, pve has real builds near spawn, pve has protections, pve has more people on, pve has towns, pve has a rail network, pve has active moderation, and there's a chance of dying on s. Just by comparing player visible features alone, it's obvious which one is better. For people that want to pvp, s is a really bad server. For people that want to pvp occasionally, pve is a much better server than s.
  9. @Cyotie911 The derp structure in question. :D mrstone has been offline for 3 months already.
  10. I don't think mrstone is coming back, man. It's been Three months already. I don't think he cares about his magnum opus of derp build being protected on a server he has decided not to return to 3 months ago. I'm pretty sure he's not coming back his a 81 birch block masterpiece. Him and his friends have asked for it because it's currently ONLY affecting him and his town mates. That is pretty much the point of the request. He's complaining because of the time that has been spent dealing with this whole thing and that the mods and admins have had very long discussions (according to silver) regarding the 81 block derp shack adjacent to the town. That is pretty much the point of this forum discussion if not 100% of it. In this case, the experience of other players isn't being erroded because nobody else has been affected by it as of this moment. Giving players what they want, if it's a reasonable request, is one method of keeping players.
  11. I think this has gotten pretty ridiculous considering the structure in question is pretty much the definition of derp (image attached below). Hint: It's built out of the block you punch to start the game. Total of 81 Birch Wood Planks (About 21 Birch Logs of effort) It's also pretty ridiculous that in order to reduce drama, the admins have decided to prevent the removal of the derpy structure in order to protect the holy sanctity of structures and the rule of laws on a server which averages this many players. With threats of long bans, too. I'm pretty sure mrstone isn't coming back and gonna make a big deal out of the removal of his multi block palace. Based on the amount of effort they put, I don't think he's the type that makes mountains - In this case, Mount Everest - out of molehills. The "community" has become a parody of itself. So how do we move past this and make this place an environment that is more receptive for keeping players? The community has been shrinking for a long time and stuff like this does not help, at all. Stuff like this is the reason /r/minecraft mods do not like this network and make sure to not recommend when mentioned.
  12. +1. Hopefully the next fireside whatever chat can address the extreme shrinkage of the community considering the game is more popular than ever. A time to reflect and re-adjust based on our position.
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