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  1. Hi there, I'm appealing my ban because I would like to be unbanned. From my perspective, I found a glitch in one of the event world event builds, and used it to leave and build a fun temp build, in violation of the server rules. When I was banned, it was done with a level of emotion that made me not feel comfortable returning. I was reached out to by fazaden with the following longer explanation after the initially hostile (from my perspective) ban: " Hi standish_, If it's okay, I'd like to explain myself a bit further. Here's what I was going to reply in Discord: I am sorry that I didn't say more at the time of the ban, but I had been dealing with the aftermath of a car accident (insurance companies, am I right?) and wanted to give at least a small heads-up before the ban happened and before I fell asleep for the night. Anyway.... I understand that the ban may seem like it came out of nowhere, but it wouldn't have happened in the first place if one of you guys just mentioned "oh hey, we found a way out of the wacky battles arena, you should probably fix that." I'm not angry with anyone personally, but I'm really disappointed that you guys spent all that time and effort bringing materials over into the events world without once checking that it was okay to do so. The issue here is that nobody bothered to tell us; we had to find out days later when cleaning up after the event. When anyone does that, staff or not, they get the exact same temp ban. (In fact, this exact kind of thing has happened at least 3 times in the past that I know of; once with a staff member who snuck admin hunt materials back into the overworld and lost their position because of it on top of the ban.) It's not an issue of intent, It's an issue of communication. If you notice a way to glitch/pearl/otherwise exit an otherwise sealed area, the white-hat thing to do is to tell someone so we can fix it, not keep it to yourself and keep building, even if all you do is build in an empty spot. That's the line between "haha, dang, we'll fix it right away, thanks for letting us know." and a short temp ban. Please don't throw away over a decade of playtime over one weekend's actions. " I agree with everything said here other than the comparison to gaining an advantage in P via transporting materials from another world to P, by whoever that former admin is/was. We did not do that, nor did we ever intend to do that. Thank you, and I hope you understand my perspective.
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