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  1. I think it was very well done, as all the fundraisers tend to be. Obviously a tonne of creative work went into it, not to mention the technical aspects that were probably a pain to get juuust right. I don't have any real gripes, but I do have one other observation: the whole thing was huge, vast-feeling in fact. The speed boosts solved the practical problem of getting around, as did the many (many) warp signs but I always had the distinct impression that, while some of us were doing something, we were doing it in one small corner and the whole rest of the server was laying empty... it felt a little off, kind-of like when P or C run-down over time. Other than that, I thought it was fantastic! Thank You to everyone who made it!
  2. I love you and want to have your babies.
  3. I've nothing really new to add: I love nerd.nu; I love p; I just wish I had more time / was better organised so that I spent more time on it. Moreover, I trust the staff to keep the traditions going. I do have two things to suggest though: my periodic, probably-no-one-will-ever-agree-to-it suggestion about dramatically restricting the number of nether portals to encourage trade and overworld infrastructure building is there any possibility, at all, of the new rev allowing for the (restricted, sensible) use of TNT? Assuming the new rev is going to be 1.14.x of course, but 1.14.x explosion mechanics allow for 100% droppage of blown-up blocks - there's now more potential for mining, clearing terrain and whatnot That's it, I think! 😄
  4. If I'm streaming something that looks like it might take three weeks to complete at the expense of things like Minecraft moderation, I'll post here - sorry that this didn't occur to me until halfway through Week 2 I'm not around w/c Sunday, 23 July - I'm using my streaming time to set up mah channels and schizz \o/
  5. Me again. Very sorry, but I too have become ridiculously busy IRL. I'm estimating I'll need three weeks to complete what I'm currently working on, so I'll prolly resurface on Saturday, 18 March. Trust me, I'd rather be playing Minecraft...
  6. Regret that I'll be unavailable this week; I'll most likely be making my reappearance on the evening of Monday, 20 February.
  7. WyndySascha

    Admin Hunt

    Admin Hunt on P! Details are here; further time details are here.
  8. WyndySascha

    Admin Hunt

    Admin Hunt on P! Details are here; further time details are here.
  9. I'll be unavailable from today (Sunday, 27 November 2016) until the evening (London time) of Thursday, 1 December - big piece of work to finish.
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