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  1. I appealed for my banned alt several days ago. I'm genuinely surprised it took over a month for my main acc to get banned for evasion. Oh well, like I said, I changed names on the alt and won't do it again.
  2. I'm sorry for changing my username on my alt account so that it resembles that of a staff member, and have since gotten rid of it. Thanks for considering an unban.
  3. 2. A docks area was missing from this poll, will there still be plans for a docks/pier for ship builds next rev? 3. Diagonal and curved roads would be real nice. 6. Current spawn rules are easy to understand. But two suggestions: First, change "open world build" to "FREE BUILD" in big, bold letters. Have that placed near the the top of the rule signs - we have way too many new players joining and asking "how do u get a plot?" Secondly, there should be a separate sign-board explaining the rules and etiquette about region claiming.
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