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  1. I admit to bringing in overpowered/cheated items. I at first was trying to get them in singleplayer and saved them to the hotbar tool. Later, I went back on the creative server of nerd.nu realizing that the hotbar tool is universal for any creative world. I thought "Hey, I'm sure it would not hurt much to bring a few of them on the server." I then brought two in from singleplayer and decided to play with hem. I did not exactly DISTRIBUTE the cheated items, but showed them to another person who had a cheated item (forgot who). I was just trying to test the items and see if they would have an actual effect on players. I also had them test it on me, at some point. I do not care about what happened to said items, but I am regretful of bringing them on the server. I am willing to take a small sentence, but a perm-an would be very much unfair for anyone (maybe show the time for the ban?). This concludes my probably unchanging appeal for being banned. I am terribly sorry for having done that. I was just bored.
  2. Zombie survival gamemode? Just my guess.
  3. Oh, nothing in specific. It's just that I've never used it but I have much experience with Discord. That's all...
  4. Why not discord? I would definitely attend but I don't have mumble and I do not trust it as much as discord :/
  5. don't worry, chuboi got dis again. 2 5 7 1 3 potato 4 76 51 29? 100.
  6. format: [you] throws [a(optional)] [food] [at username(optional)] example: Rdstonetrxz throws a banana peel example: RDstonetrxz throws spoiled-milk at someone (dont use 'someone') rules: 1> FOLLOW THE RULEZZZ 2> nothing too OP 3> no cursing/innapropriate content 4> if someone throws food at you then throw a coin or somethin and react/dont react 5> if the last thrown food doesnt have a target, then SOMEONE has to react 6> HAVE FUN OR WHATEVER start!!! RDstonetrxz throws a moldy-pizza
  7. they then noticed that Rdstonetrxz was back but they also realised that he was an OP and placed Dumbo in a player-grinder (a mob grinder but made of obsidian and has the target player's spawnpoint in it)
  8. how is a good character impolite to a bad character? and there are people i know from PMC...
  9. Ok, so everyone knows what this game is right??? well if u dont, then ill tell you. it is a game to continue a story that someone starts. if it ends, then start another. and, RULES: no bad language, no sexual content, no more than 20 words per post, highlight good characters in green and bad in red, minecraft servers are one word, fave fun! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SO, the story starts... Once, there was a peaceful day on the minecraft server called [insert generic server address here]. Suddenly, a new guy spawned in named xXdiamondgamez235Xx.
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