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October Mods Voting Thread! (v2)


October Mob Nominees   

40 members have voted

  1. 1. Buchanman

  2. 2. MrGauthier34

  3. 3. IDANUB

  4. 4. Kiwi99

  5. 5. gdavison

  6. 6. Mattgorecki


  8. 8. sansapants

  9. 9. Magnyus

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I screwed up with the first poll and forgot to check the "make vote public" box, which doesn't seem to be undo-able, sorry to the 8 people who had already cast their vote on the other one :(


My apologies for the delay, went straight from work to a friend's house yesterday and honestly forgot to post :P


These following people are up for consideration for the mod position:

  • Buchanman
  • MrGauthier34
  • Kiwi99
  • gdavison
  • Mattgorecki
  • sansapants
  • Magnyus

All players: If you have any comments (positive or negative) regarding these candidates, you are more than welcome to contact a Head Admin. 


All mods: Understand that a Yes vote means you would want this person in a mod position. A No vote can either mean that you do not want this person in a mod position, or you do not know them well enough to say. Voting will close on October 25th, a week from today. At that point, the Heads will gather the results of the vote and any pm's and then post the final results, and our new mods! 

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