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I recently tried revisiting the servers since I last played 3-4 years ago. I played (from what I can remember) on PvE Rev 6 most frequently, and Rev 7 a bit. I was a somewhat active player at the time. However, upon attempting to rejoin recently, I found a ban message.



I do actually recall running into this message before. However, at the time, I chose to stay away because it was actually a good way to keep off of minecraft - I was letting myself be distracted far too much by games, and needed to focus on my courses at college. However, I have more time for games now, and would like to be able to revisit the mcpublic servers at least once for nostalgia's sake (though possibly longer, if pleasantville and some of my other favorite nostalgic standbys are still 'around').



My ban message says something about 'xray on chaos.'  While by far I played mostly on PvE, I did play for a while on nerd.nu's other gamemodes, including chaos. However, I have never used x-ray skins, mods, software, or any such hacks, and don't know why my account might have been flagged for doing so during the time I played.



I had been asked for (and gave) others use of my account in the past. I've since asked those involved about the issue but they've denied using hacks/etc while playing. My account standing seems to be fine on other servers I've played on in the past, and I honestly don't know if this might have to do with them or some other issue.



If, of course, there is evidence for misuse/shenanigans under my account I understand that being sufficient cause to deny my appeal, as it was still my account and therefore my responsibility. If that is the case, though, I'd like a copy of the evidence so that I can deal with the persons responsible on my side of things.



(If it's of any benefit, I'd like to mention that the other people who have had access to my account have since been given their own accounts and no longer play on mine, and am not going to be giving access to my account to anyone now that I'm living on my own.)




If there are any logs from the time that the ban was instated, I'd like to know if there are any specifics as to what caused the ban. The IP address info won't help unfortunately (all the IP's, I'm expecting, will have been from the same home network) but any other info on players/movements/etc might (chat would be great, but I can understand not still having the logs from that far back).




Thank you for your time and consideration,


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