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Introducing Survival Rev 28


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Hello everyone!


It is our pleasure to be your new Sadmins and cannot wait to launch Rev 28 for you guys.  We know you have a lot of questions and hopefully some will be answered in this post.  All further questions can either be left here, addressed in IRC, talked out in Mumble, or PM'd in the forums.  As a whole, the goal is to institute more events and activities to help promote and retain players.  This includes the Survival admins logging in more consistently and maintaining communication with our player base.  There would also be more advertising and promoting done by the Sadmins in an effort to gain more players.


We're looking to launch the new rev the first weekend of April 2015.  We're very excited and plan to coincide our launch with a special Easter Event for you all on Survival.  More details will be given on the Event as launch date nears--don't worry though, it's not maze related.


The foremost thing that we would like to announce for changes, and this begins now, is proper communication.  The first part of this plan is at least two community meetings per rev; this is to touch base with what the community likes and dislikes that is going on.  This will also give us feedback on what we should be looking at to change for the next upcoming rev to help alleviate the issue of not being able to change rapidly enough with what people want.  The goal of this is to also be a positive discussion, this is in no way permission to attack other players, we want you to voice your opinions in collected mature ways.

Secondly, if players come to us with something that is completely messed up or that they really do actually hate (not one or two of them, but like 95% hate it) willing to make adjustments mid-rev for some things.  If it’s something like “We hate that chests don’t auto lock anymore” then are we willing to be like, “Ok, we’ll compromise and put auto locking chests back on the map, however, this does not mean that refunds will be given on gear you lost because you didn’t lock your chest.”

This being said, after the community meetings happen via Mumble and the notes are posted, any immediate community changes will be put on the forums to be voted on as well, just in case people who use the forums don’t use Mumble.  Though we strongly encourage everyone to use both avenues of communication.

Another thing you all can look forward to is SAL coming back.  While there will be some minor (and exciting) changes made to it, we're happy to make this a thing that is going to happen successfully.  Along with this regular activity, we will be adding in new fun events and activities.  Have a standard arena that you want to see used for SAL?  Hit up LadyRavenOwl.  If more than one arena is submitted, we'll have a community vote!  Make sure you submit the arena by March 28, 2015.
Something that has been asked several times is "What is the orientation for Survival that you're taking?"  We're going to have basically a hybrid of ideas and with five people throwing in ideas, it should be.  We're focused on increasing PvP, bringing back in aspects of raiding, still being build friendly, and generally building a solid and positive community.  We have some new plugins making an appearance, including some custom plugins being written, making things generally more of a challenge.
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