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Survival Revision 28 Update and Information


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Greetings Survival Community!  We’re happy to announce that we are launching Revision 28 on time, April 3rd at 8p CDT!  Not in Central Daylight Time?  Figure out when it is for you here!


We know that you have a lot of questions about what is different and what is the same, and we’re going to do our best to outline everything.


Basic Changes and Removals

  • No more auto locking chests

  • No more enderchests in spawn

  • Drop XP plump to 2 instead of 6 with XP Plump

  • Removed pearlnerf

  • Removed Cobra Corral

  • Removed plugin that nerfs strength potions (all other potions are normal)

  • Combat Logging

    • What’s different?  It now is a mixture of the avatar body and the public shaming chicken message and a 10 second automatic combat log is in place, even if you’re not engaged in PvP to help with people logging when they see someone coming to kill them.  So please log off some place safe.



You all know about Economy coming to Survival.  This means you can buy and sell things in the shop, PvP will be more rewarding, there will be special events, Lottery will be available, etc.  There is more information on how Economy will work in this post here.  We are also adding a new plugin called PEcon.  This is a plugin designed by Dumbo52 that manages money from PvP fights, cooldown, and the money you receive from killing mobs.

Voting Perks are now a way to get some cash and dessert.  If you vote at either of these websites (look here and here), you will receive either a cookie and 25 coins or a pie and 25 coins.  Do both and you will get a total of a cookie, a pie, and 50 coins.


Basic economy commands are as follows:

/bal to check balance

/bal [player name] to check others balance

/pay is currently only enabled in the shop


You may purchase a shop space for Chest Shops, by submitting a modreq for the space you want and paying 10,000 coins.


Map and Nether Changes

Spooky Custom Nether

Witches, normal spiders, and normal Nether mobs will spawn

The World to Nether ratio 8 to 1 to enable faster traveling

4 Portals per road, 4 located under spawn


Map Generation

Map will start at 5K by 5K then slowly expand to either 7K (10K possibly if players are available) by the end of the rev

Road Colours: Red, Cyan, Purple, and Black glass with lighting underneath

In the world to encourage exploring we’ve hidden two types of items for players to find.  First, little towers of bedrock are located at rather cool natural areas.  If a player finds these, they can make a modreq to name the region if they desire (all server rules will apply) or to just have it removed.  Second, we’ve added in some structures for players to find.  You can note these are admin made structures because a message will pop up when you near the structure.  It can all be destroyed and broken down, but that’s at the discretion of the players and whether they claim it or not; if a player claims the area, they can rename the area they found.  In order to claim this area for either renaming or destroying for resources, make a modreq.  This encourages exploration a small amount, and gives players a little bit of something else to do instead of just mining.

To help with resources we’ve also added in Botany.  You can read more about this plugin here.

There is one creeper spawner located in each quadrant of the map as well as your typical four hidden nether portals.


Community Meetings

At least two community meetings per rev; this is to touch base with what the community likes and dislikes that is going on.  This will also give us feedback on what we should be looking at to change for the next upcoming rev to help alleviate the issue of not being able to change rapidly enough with what people want.  The goal of this is to be a discussion. If players come to us with something that is completely messed up or that they really do actually hate or are dying to have that goes with what we’ve added (not one or two of them, but like 95%) we are willing to make adjustments mid-rev for some things.  For example:  “We hate that chests don’t auto lock anymore” then are we willing to be like, “Ok, we’ll compromise and put auto locking chests back on the map, however, this does not mean that refunds will be given on gear you lost because you didn’t lock your chest.”

This being said, after the community meetings happen via Mumble and the notes are posted, any immediate community changes will be put on the forums to be voted on as well, just in case people who use the forums don’t use Mumble.

The standard meetings will occur after the first two weeks of the revision launch and then again a couple weeks before the revision is launched.


Arenas and New Activities

SAL as you all know, will be making a comeback.  Due to popular vote, we will be switching the floor terrain each week for the fights.  Players will be allowed to submit designs if they wish, please remember though that all designs must be created with PvP in mind.  In addition to the standard SAL winner prizes (head at spawn, post of honor, and subreddit flair, etc), we will be also adding in a prize of a $50 steam gift card.

The Maze Arena will also be making a return this revision.  If you haven’t played Portal, I suggest that you give it a look through because it’s an inspiration for what you can expect.

All new Mob Arena!  This is something we are particularly excited for and think you all will love.  This arena is a pay to enter arena (don’t worry, the entry fee is only one diamond) and you battle until you drop!  Select different classes to fight mobs and keep making it through the waves for more and better prizes.

Basic commands are:

/ma join to join (remember the price is 1 diamond to enter)

/ma leave will teleport you back to spawn

/ma help for more information

Also occurring on some nights is Blood Moon which will spawn in faster and harder mobs.  You can hear it coming by an in game sound and a message that will pop up.  You can read more about this new addition here!  We have configured it so that mobs will not do damage to structures.

We do apologize for the delay in getting these details to you all and can’t wait to see you launch night.

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