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kxwiz [Zomise]

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idk why i got banned for a dog?
idk really xray? i only had 13 diamonds

like oof so can i plz get unbanned i want kill another dog i guess?

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your xray was blatant. You're banned for 7 days and your inventory has been cleared.

Also fixed some block and crop grief you had done. Please remember to replant after yourself and do not break blocks placed by others without permission.

You also killed a tamed wolf you did modreq yourself once I informed you that it's considered griefing, so that's not a factor here. The wolf has been replaced.


You started off by digging straight down to iron:


Continued to dig straight through stone and variants to diamonds on all your diamond finds:







The above evidence is more than enough, but all your ore were found in a similar way.

You're banned until 12th of June, when you may post here to request being unbanned.

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