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Shaanlul [zedadex]


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This appeal is inconsistent with your gameplay as follows.

- You destroyed 1665 wheat on others' fields while only replanting around 400, which is extensive crop grief.
- You destroyed players' fences at -3 -213, resulting in releasing cows penned by other players.
- You took all of the sugar cane in the claim at -24 -332 without replanting.

In addition, in several locations you dug directly towards ores and interacted with blocks and lava in a manner consistent with xraying.

- This was most recently observed in the area surrounding 97 19 -574 where you looked at then tunneled down into a cave towards diamonds [1 img 1], and at 97 16 -577 where you stopped tunneling mid-course to collect ores through a wall. [1 imgs 2 and 3]
- Your death at 97 9 -576 was while digging straight down into lava directly above diamonds. [2]

[1] https://imgur.com/a/2CyXNvQ

[2] https://imgur.com/a/Z9xh5eO

When joining the server, you spawned in a room that clearly outlined the rules (also listed at https://nerd.nu/rules/). This appeal does not acknowledge the rules in any way, instead denying any rulebreaking took place, which indicates you have either not read or not understood the rules, which you would need to when appealing a ban. 

Please review the the rules and reply here if you have any questions.

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