Our goal at nerd.nu is to provide a high-quality multiplayer gaming experience embedded in a genuine, friendly community. However, hosting the servers needed to provide you with this experience is not cheap. We are currently spending $118.07 per month on our primary box with an additional $59.89 per month on a secondary box, totaling a monthly cost of $178.

All of the money we receive from contributions goes toward supporting our servers. While most of this money will be used to pay our monthly hardware bill, some of it may also be used to advertise our servers in order to help grow the community or to expand our services into games other than Minecraft. Our budget for these additional expenses will be determined by the amount of money we raise; we will keep you up-to-date on how this money is being spent.

In order to pay these expenses, we hold an annual fundraiser event; information about the 2019 Fundraiser event is available here. Once the fundraiser has finished, we will reevaluate our financial state and let you know what our plan is going forward.