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  1. Is anyone else having difficulty logging into the nerd.nu servers (or any server for that matter) since the update?
  2. Hey guys, There's been an issue in the past with my brother playing with Avo when he used to be a huge contributor to the community. I've supported nerd.nu since the start and am wondering if I can get my username (desertcombat06) disassociated with our home IP that is banned so CarverItUp can't play from home/at all on nerd.nu. I know I've brought this up in the past and was told that, because I happened to log in at my parents house, my user was associated with that IP and that is the reason why I keep getting rebanned as an "Alt of CarverItUp". I've reassured admins before that he has never had access to my information, nor ever will. I think he's even done with minecraft as a whole. I humbly ask to have my username disassociated with that IP and with my brother's account. I would still like to participate in c.nerd.nu and p.nerd.nu, communities I've always supported and have funded in the past. Cheers, my friends.
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