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  1. I've read everything. I agree to respect the rules from this point on.
  2. It's been months now since I was banned. I'd like to appeal the ban. Thank you.
  3. It's just unfair for everyone. For me and my friend because we can't play and for the other person because we can replace his stuff. I understand that this is a punishment but what good is a punishment if the person can't come back to help and build the world and hopefully make amends? I think a warning would have sufficed and a ban is unfair. This being said, I wish you a good evening.
  4. I did. At the moment, I thought it was hysterical but that's just my sense of humor I suppose. I'll know better next time :) We'd like to play tonight though, is there anything else you can do? We have some diamonds we could use to jumpstart the dead player's inventory. Enough to make a pick, a sword and some armor like a chest piece and a helm or something.
  5. My friend (OddOstrich) and I found a railroad that seemed abandonned so we took some rails and decided to have some fun with it. Unfortunately, we redirected what seemed to be a long-distance transit into lava (oops lol). We'd like to appeal the ban and have it undone so that we may resume our adventures without the rail shenanigans. Sorry and thank you.
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