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  1. I've been recently informed that I have received a ban for using a hacked/modded client on one of your servers. I'm here to clear my name, in order to prevent this from affecting my ability to access servers in the future. 1. I have never, ever, not even once, in the entirety of playing Minecraft, used a hacked client in any way, shape, or form. I have installed mods in the past, specifically Optifine, Rei's Minimap, and the suite of Forge-enabled mods for Feed the Beast, but only used these on servers set up to support them. 2. This ban happened on the first day of accessing the Survival server. I was mining at diamond level, in a directly diagonal path and having terrible luck finding any diamonds. After a bit of lag, found myself being banned from the server. I researched the appeal process and discovered that it was "routine" to ban new users in an attempt to familiarize them with the set of rules, and decided against going through the effort of signing up with a forum, verifying the account email, an appealing at the time to be made familiar with a ruleset I was already familiar with and agreed to; choosing instead the much easier route of just finding a different server to play on. I had accessed the server on a completely vanilla, unmodded Minecraft client (I believe it was in the 1.3.x releases.) 3. This is the only infraction noted anywhere for this user. I have an impeccable history of positive experiences on all other servers which I have participated in. I want the ban expunged.
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