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  1. i would like to be unbanned please, i know i xrayed and i no longer have that, and wont do it again. i have read and agree to the rules.
  2. .
  3. why did i get banned? i have done nothing wrong, i opening my chest when you banned me for "xray" i dont even have that. y u hate me?
  4. Oh and I have read the rules and will follow them
  5. Ok so my brother is a murderer I did not know this. But, the reason I should be unbanned is the fact that other users some I even know have been banned and unbanned numerous times before and unbanned this would be unfair to ban me once, when many others have been given many chances to be productive. I enjoy these peoples company and wish to be productive. Ty for your time, Jacob_orion6
  6. This is unfair and the banning admin should be arrested and throw in jail. I was reassured by wondrland that i would not be banned yet i am here. this is not acceptable and a arrest warrant should be issued for the admin . Thank very much and hope to see you in court Jacob_orion6
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