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  1. After serving my one month ban I am doing as told and opening a new appeal for reinstatement. I read quite thoroughly the rules at http://nerd.nu/rules/ and do hereby swear to uphold each and every one from this very moment forward. I miss my PvE people and just want to get back to gaming with them. Thanks for you consideration!
  2. I tried to log in to pve server and it says I was banned for xray. I'm not arguing that I had xray, I just don't know. I run optifine and shaders that I pieced together from various sites and it's a solid possibility that it had xray. I know it showed me my coords in the top left of the screen and if I accidentally hit "R" key without being in chat it would turn basically everything invisible. I'm guessing this is the xray thing. I'd certainly like to continue on PvE, I have a good reputation and am an active member of city Ambrosia, mayor is Sir_Didymus who I'm thinking would vouch for my character. Either way I'm uninstalling the shaders and optifine and will be running vanilla with maybe texture packs. Thanks for your time.
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