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  1. I had a temporary study ban. Pls undo. I finished my test ❤️
  2. i am done studying... for now
  3. I second this idea
  4. Hey. Its been 2 months. I miss most everyone. I might not come on for a little while though because of school, but yeah. Hi
  5. Hi. Here is my ban appeal. I was banned for x-raying. I was not x-raying but something similar to it. So yeah, I'm sorry I did it. I don't know what i was thinking. I clearly was lacking my best judgment when i cheated. Again, I apologize. Also, as a side note, like sshadow, i also only play on these servers and have never played on any other servers. Knowing that i am unable to be with my friends and such, is not really fun. This is why i am never going to cheat again. I dont want to lose friends.
  6. i think 4 weeks has passed since my ban. time to be unbanned?
  7. I really did not use X-Ray. If it would get me unbanned ill toss all my stuff away but I am not going to be forced to lie about being guilty. edit: changed guilt to being guilty
  8. So yeah. Hola. The hacked client i was using was Nodus. My sole intention of the use of this "hacked client" was to mess around with graymansnel. It was not to give me or any other pupils unfair advantage and if somehow ended up doing so, it was completely unintentional and not the desired intentions of my action(s). You have pointed out the "derping" movement, which as I quote, Regarding X-Ray, I honestly did not X-Ray. I know that this seems like its not possible, but I really did not. I don't want you to think im lying but the same time I am not going to lie and that I was using x-ray. I have told several people this and with one them became quite emotional about it. I hope you see that I understand what I did was wrong, immature, unmoral, and unethical. As always, thank you. -monf :)
  9. Hey Tharine. So I honestly don't recall using anything other than AutoAimBot, Although it is possible i still had HighJump or something else on from when i was playing on my personal server, but i really don't know. Im going to assume it was left on and I again apologize to the nerd staff and community. I have permanently removed nodus from my desktop and laptop. I regret ever having it. If there was anything else, please let me know. Also, regarding the X-Ray accusations, It would be nice if you could please post the evidence for it. Thanks
  10. Hi Tharine. Ummm, first I'd like to say that I appreciate all the work that you and the other mods/admins do for the servers. It means a lot to me and the others that you guys do this work voluntarily and that you continue to do it to help the players enjoy their experience on the server. Now, I would like to apologize for my actions as they were immature and improper. I believe that there were 3 reasons why I was banned. X-Ray, hacking, and PVP logging. While I was hacking, all I was using was AutoAimBowBot. I was just messing around with Grayman and he knew I was using it. Now with the X-Ray accusation, I did indeed say that I had used an X-Ray mod of sorts. I did not though. I again was joking around with Grayman when this was said via mumble. As for the PVP logging, Getafever did tell me that I had apparently logged on him. I was completely unaware of this. I give my full apologies for this. I have realized my mistakes and I am almost crying because knowing that I cant be in the one place where people don't judge me or make fun of me is just gut wrenching. I'm sorry. I hope to be back on soon and that I see you all soon. :)
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