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  1. Interesting. Thanks for taking the time to think this through and come to a reasonable conclusion.
  2. I understand now, looking back, that I should have removed it and spoke to you about the issue with it and not added it back until it was resolved. I apologize for what I did and realize it is a gray area. However, I feel me being banned through the community interaction policy is a bit overkill. This policy is much too vague and can be manipulated to cover almost anything. I believe a removal from the community is not fair in this situation but suggest a three month ban for not listening to your demands is fair. Hopefully we can come to a conclusion here without my removal from the community.
  3. My mistake, it was a separate moderator who asked me to remove it. I notice my request for a different admin was denied. It would be nice to have an appeal without the personal attacks. The "rule lawyering" is a demonstration of how two different people can do the same thing, and yet here I am while they continue their ways. What I dont understand is that people are mad over a signature that can be hidden, over something so inconsequential yet they get all up in a fuss whenever anything is made that even resembles deriding a certain player. I don't play Minecraft. Yet Im still here. I run the Nerd.nu Gaming steam group, as some have so loudly objected to. I try to get the Gaming Community to do more than Minecraft, but because I am a troll, a harasser, I am ignored and derided by even the staff. Can I get a different head admin who isnt previously biased against me to tell me the exact reasons, and the full list of what jchance implies exists of my wrongs? Or will I be shut down because of said bias?
  4. Also please state when you're going to edit my posts for necessary information. Yes, it was originally from an imgur link, but I removed all but the /INFO of it. No one would know what it was, what it said, what it contained, where it even existed if you hadn't kept harassing me to remove it. As you're own signature says, accountability. That's all I want from nerd but with such leadership as this, the patronizing tone of which you treat those who appeal, accountability is trodden into the dust. Also my "refusal" of taking it down wasn't, as I said I would the next time I was at my desktop. I was on a road trip all last week, and only returned yesterday.
  5. I was banned for making my signature a short alphanumeric string, specifically [removed] My MCBouncer note, however, says "Long term negative influence on community" I expect that a long list of every little transgression I've ever made will make an appearance, and my socialization with known Toxic Players will most likely have a negative effect. I would also request for a different admin to handle this, but with Avada's recent appeal, the proper processes can be removed at admin discretion, so that most likely won't happen. This ban came without warning, without notification but for this, once I woke up this morning and checked the forums, as I do. So, let's get the show going. I fully expect that due process will not be used here, and that I will be cast out as so many disliked by the admins have been before. If I even get to reply with a rebuttal, it will be surprising.
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