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    I was banned 1-2 years ago for griefing. I don't remember why I did it but I'm terribly sorry. Since then I've made a new minecraft account because i forgot the login to my first. This was back in January or something when i wanted to play some minecraft again. I then started playing on nerd.nu a few months ago under the name "tobiaz1". I've been on frequently and would like to keep playing. I decided to change my minecraft name to tld97 because that's what i used to have once on my old account. Now that I tried to login I got a message saying I'd been banned for griefing. I'm guessing that's because I changed to the same name that was already banned? I'm very sorry for griefing that time. It was so long ago I don't remember how and why. It will not happen again and I'm also sorry for playing on another account while I was banned on another. But at that time when I started playing again the ban had already been long.