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  1. A lot of the time I play Minecraft at my local library on the shared computers as it's more convenient for me to do whilst my mom and dad are at work and I'm back from school. Unfortunately, my friends also use those shared computers, and I forgot to log out of my account before leaving and going home. My friends then proceeded to go onto my account, go on to various servers hacking, and since nerd.nu is my most recent and most fun server that I've been on in the past week, they joined that one first in the servers tab. I was mining when I logged out I suppose, because they apparently used X-Ray while I wasn't there. I just texted our group chat saying I got banned for not doing anything, and my friend Brendan confessed to going on my account. I really love this PvE server and already know a lot of people on it, I would appreciate if you could let me back on. Thank you very much :)
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