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  1. What happened was that I got stuck on a staircase in Spock's room when I was looking for secret doors or buttons and I died, then appeared on the roof and outside the spaceship and I couldn't get down until someone from the staff helped me (thanks). But I didn't get to pick up my things before they disappeared for as long as I was stuck on the roof, trying to get into the spaceship and jumping to the ground to see if i spawn inside the ship. It's only trophies that I lost, I know, but I spent hours getting them and there's no way to get them back. As I also only have 2 days on the server I wouldn't mind having to do everything again, even the pez tunnel challenge -_- (man, that guy loves cobwebs). So I ask for your help to see if someone could reset my account, to have the opportunity to find everything again. I know that if you die you lose your things, but I hope you can understand that it was because of an error beyond my reach that I did not have the chance to try to recover them. About the spawn glitch on the roof of the spaceship, I think it was that I used one of the spaceship's beds, I don't remember which one. I await your response, and I will understand whatever the resolution of my problem. My IGN is the same as here in the forum, DagV5 Thanks in advance.
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