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  1. You can be sure i'll obey the rules from now on. What I don't get it is, why did you remove my base completely? I spent so much time building a base and gathering items. I spent hours trading with villagers making armor and tools for myself. You can't delete all my work just like that. With xray texture pack i got like 20-30diamonds (with fortune3). You can take all those diamonds. But please don't remove my base completely. I only used xray 1 time and I swear i will never use any cheat again. I am not a cheater and it was the first time i used a cheat. Please don't make all my work gone, just because some diamonds... Thanks
  2. Hello, I was banned for "xray" on PvE. Yes I accept that i used xray texture pack to gain advantage. But I am so sorry, i removed that texture pack from my computer. I regret using it and i swear i will never use it again. I am so sorry, please unban me. I love this server. You can take all my diamonds and ban me permanently if I ever use any cheat again. Just give me one last chance please.
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