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  1. Ok so...It has been a week since i got banned and since then i have read the nerd.nu pve rules and i will never grief again im sorry for what i did and even more sorry for my ban evasion if possible when u unban my main account can u unban my alt? dxvvy is my alts ign again thx for the amazing server -Codeman5488
  2. Im sorry... I now have nothing 2 do till then i know its my fault and the only reason i got on on an alt is to say goodbye to friends i had on there incase i never got unbanned i feel bad again im sorry...
  3. Btw im sorry for joining on an alt i wanted to say goodbye to friends i had on there incase i didnt get unbanned 😞 goodbye...
  4. When im unbanned i will apoligize to everyone This is the best server
  5. This is my favorite server
  6. This is my favorite server i wasnt trying to grief i was just lagging like crazy and there was thus wierd chunk glitch that wouldnt let me go through chunk borders unless i break a block and for the most part i repaired if i didnt repair a spot im sorry again this is the best server and i wanna show my brother it but i cant unless im unbanned im sorry -Codeman5488
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