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  1. yep, i know why i was banned, i know what i did, i shouldnt have broken that block, i really dont know what made me want to test that. it only makes it a bit worse that i couldnt see the warning i was sent. ive caused a little too much trouble on here. i am asking to be unbanned and promise that i wont do something dumb like that again. sorry if my grammar is bad. with all due respect, CorgiLiam645.
  2. Just realized that tomorrow is going to be my unban day, I hope it is.
  3. Understood, I messed things up. In return, when I am unbanned, I will give all the new players stuff, (Was at Solace before getting banned.) as a sorry. Hope you understand. -Loser
  4. Ok, I know I spawned withers at spawn as a crude joke, I really had nothing better to do and thought they wouldn't work, but they did, great, also I thought they would despawn but nope.. Now I'm banned, I will fight them on my own if they haven't been cleared up already, just so I have to finish what I started. I'm just gonna send this appeal out and wait. Sorry if my wording was bad or I repeated something. -Wither spawning idiot, CorgiLiam645
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