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  1. OK... when do u get off of work? i think its about 4:22 and i aint still banned.... did u typo or u not here yet.
  2. k. thanks! so much I WILL NEVER EVER EVER do that again
  3. No no no no No ur getting it all wrong, what i am saying is i played on my minecrafter523 like in october and i forgot about the whole ban then i made a new account and found this server again Yeaaaa that time i got banned in october was when i was like 9 years old. now i am 10 and way more mature now.
  4. Ooh. my indestruct1ble account was the one that took the farm. sorry my minecrafter523 account was banned like 10 months ago, well sorry for griefing. i will never do it again
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