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  1. i combat logged and i have read the rules and i now know that it is against them
  2. i was joking around with smdavis93 and i hit him jokingly with my diamond sword afterwards he started chasing me around. then without thinking i log because im used to other survival servers. im sorry about inconveniencing the staff and the players. i will not use the method of getting an unfair advantage on others.
  3. i have read the rules and i promise to follow them
  4. a while back me and my friend thought it would be fun to just do something really stupid in minecraft cause we were bored. we decided to see who could get banned the fastest from a server we both decided to do this on the reddit creative server (c.nerd.nu). both of us built nsfw builds on the server and got banned. back then we didnt regret our decision. but lately some of my other friends and me have been looking for a good survival server to play on and after looking around i noticed mcpublic's amazing community. instantly i regretted my decisions to have built the nsfw builds and get banned. if i get banned i promise not to make any more inappropriate or offensive builds. i apologize for my childish behavior and i hope that u will see in your hearts to give me a second chance and unban me.
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