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  1. It says I've been banned for crop briefing, it's been a long time and I won't grief again, and I really want to play on your servers so please urban as soon as possible.
  2. can u unban me now, 2 weeks have passed and i am truly sorry for my mistake, i look forward to playing again.
  3. I am sorry for using racism but i didn't mean to i tot we were just kidding around. I think the player who snitched on me has a grudge against me anywyas sorry please unban me i have been playing on this server for more than 2 years.
  4. I have read the rules again. Thanks,Jula
  5. Hi I am banned because of building a huge Hitler statue with a symbol on it, Me and Surya1127 did not build it to offend anyone and I built it before I read the rules. We both wanted to build a famous being and at that point we were learning about hitler in history so we decided to build it with out any intention of harming anyone. So Me and surya1127 are sorry and we promise we wont build it again so please unban us. Thanks, Jula
  6. Oops I am sorry I didnt read the part where I have to read the rules. I have read all the rules and I will follow them. Thanks, Jula
  7. Thanks a lot! I look forward to being unbanned and playing again.
  8. Hi I am sorry ,i got banned for crop briefing because on that farm it said public farm and i thought that it meant u can get free food and i also didnt get the warning but il take this as my warning as i really like ur servers and wanna play there again.
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