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  1. Name: Sir Fluffyton The Forth, Esquire King of New Hampshire Age: Unknown Date of Birth/Death: 6/16/13-6/17/13 Cause of Death: Possible Stabbing Fluffy you are missed.
  2. In following the trend of the recent AMA threads, i've been asked to set up one as a Survival admin as well, so let's do this! I'm open to answering questions on pretty much any topic, but I will refrain from commenting on things that may compromise the servers themselves, spoil (potential) surprises for future revisions, or questions pertaining to my life that I may not be comfortable answering. I'm a pretty candid individual otherwise, so ask away and i'll let you know if it's not something I can give an answer for. I've left the topic for this one open so that any of the other Survival admins can join in and answer questions pertaining to the server itself, or even if people would like to direct questions to them personally. I'll try to respond in an appropriate time frame to any questions I receive, and I look forward to seeing what people are curious about!
  3. Tharine here with another wall of text - this time we're looking to discuss what kind of features we would like to see implemented in the design of the highly sought after /duel plugin. This was an idea proposed way back in January in the large forum thread discussing ways in which we could improve the Survival server. It's implementation has been stalled for some time now, passed up in favour of handling more immediate issues or other features we intended to add over the course of the current revision, but there was some early brainstorming between the admins a short while ago on just how we would begin to consider setting it up. The results of said brainstorm are summed up in the description here in one of the two large subreddit posts that introduced the 21st revision of Survival. For the link-phobic, the description: Invite other players to a 1-on-1 duel, via the /duel command! The idea behind this command is not to change PVP gameplay itself, but to add some extra, fun incentives. When challenging a player to a /duel, you can choose to “bet” some amount of iron/diamond/etc on the outcome, which the challenged player must match to accept the duel. If either player can kill the other in a set time limit, the winner will be rewarded with the loser’s bet, plus extra perks if the right conditions are met! During the duel, both players can still be attacked by anyone - but if this happens (or either player disconnects), the duel is ended without a winner and the bets are returned immediately. (This setup is still tentative, so let us know if you have feedback! Particularly regarding perks - we’re thinking fun stuff that won’t affect gameplay, like maybe another way to acquire player skulls.) Now, this isn't by any means a confirmed setup of how we will be moving forward with implementing a duel plugin. The idea behind making bets per duel was a consideration for how we might appropriately make it fair to earn player head drops from fighting in a duel. We wouldn't be eliminating the plugin that handles getting player head drops from armoured kills - and that's why we need to think about how to keep things on even ground in terms of how you acquire them. There would be little incentive to fight in armour to acquire head drops if you could simply enter a /duel with a friend and acquire it without any requirements. So, we'd like to kick off some discussion on what kind of features people would like to see with this plugin. Some general questions to get us started: What sort of outcome would you like to see as a result of winning a duel? ​This can be anything from physical rewards (semi-rare loot, player head drops, winnings from a bet, etc.) to effects (fireworks/thunder, potion effects) to perhaps setting up some kind of duel leader board (if resources permit such a thing). What requirements should there be (if any) for allowing a duel to take place? Should there be requirements for setting up a duel? If so, should there be a setup where meeting different requirements would net you different rewards? For example, an unarmoured duel might result in some form of non-rare drop, and maybe some effects, whilst an armoured duel could win you more difficult to obtain rewards. Requirements could potentially vary from type of armour worn to including a betting system, where a higher bet might net you a greater reward. Should duels have limitations to them? For example, only having the ability to hold one duel at a time; duels may last for only a predetermined amount of time before being cancelled. Limitations could also be along the same lines as requirements, in the sense that duels could perhaps not take place if either player was equipped with a certain item. Should there be the ability to cancel the duel at any time? Would there be interest in the ability to cancel a duel early? This could have both negative and positive side effects, the positive being moreso towards being able to put a stop to the duel if it was setup with unintended requirements. There are obviously a lot more features to discuss than simply those four questions, but it's the end of a tiring day for me so i'm not quite the ideas person right now. Also my wall of text is getting a bit long too (as per usual) It's important to keep in mind how complicated it might be to implement any particular suggested features of this plugin. We're running with ideas just at this stage, as I understand there has been interest in perhaps having something custom written for this. If we don't have the resources, we can definitely look into existing plugins that best reach the expectations of what we're all looking for. Even if we don't end up with something custom written, I would much rather people have the ability to enjoy duelling each other with a pre-existing plugin than not have that option at all With that said, please leave a comment if you have any ideas or suggestions for how we should get /duel setup!
  4. Righto, so there was some good feedback from that poll that was posted (thanks!) and now that we've established what the main problems are, we need to find out how we're going to solve them. As expected, lag had the most votes and is the main problem. There's been a bit of lag around for ages, but I think just recently it has been far worse. I'm no fountain of knowledge, so I don't know what could help this right now, but I'm fairly certain that if there were to be a donation drive (to help raise funds towards better server hosting) then that could help towards stopping the lag which so many are experiencing across all servers. The second most voted for was advertising. There are already some good steps being taken towards this, with the new server promo video, but that won't bring in enough players alone. If people would be willing to, I think that there could be some good PvP montages made by the community. So if you have any recordings of PvP, then maybe we could arrange something to make it into a neat video of some of the best fights on this server? There will need to be other means of advertising apart from videos, but this is a good start. Staff and moderation was voted pretty highly too. When I put this option in, I was thinking about having Survival staff to know what they're looking for when someone is accused of PvP hacks, whether it's aimbot, radar etc. There was quite a bit of drama with PvP this revision and accusations, and I feel that if the staff knew exactly what they were looking for, then it could have been stopped early on. I think it would also help if more of the staff went PvPing more often. They'd probably experience the hacking instead of just watching it, so that they know who to look out for. As an additional note, I think staff should be trusted more. There have been several occasions where a mod has seen someone log in combat, for example, but only been allowed to add a note. I think the rules need to be updated too. There are a few that need to be made clearer, especially the 'Don't be a dick' and doxing rules. I think they are the two that I have seen be misunderstood be players, and if they were remade, then some of the unnecessary drama would be stopped. Clans and enchantments were the two that had fewest votes. Despite this, I think that some changes here could be good. There has been an idea passed around to have a cap on protection on armour. The highest protection would be II, and swords, bows and potions (and anything else that directly effects PvP) would be nerfed accordingly. I think this could work really nicely for many reasons. Gear would be easier to get, it would level the playing field allowing anyone to PvP for little cost. You're not risking too much, which is what many people are afraid of. You can regain your lost items relatively easily and you won't have to spend hours re-enchanting at the highest level. That's just my overview of what should change. If you could follow to format below (just for ease of comparing results) that would be wicked! :D 1) What do you want to see changed about the lag, and how should we go about it? 2) What steps do you want to take to advertise the servers? 3) What do you think should be changed with staff and moderation, and how do you think we should go about it? 4) What rules would do you think should be changed, added or removed? Why? 5) Is there anything you want to change about clans? Why? 6) Is there anything you want to change about enchantments? Why? Any additional notes are welcome! But yeah, discuss! Thanks a lot, TornadoHorse :)
  5. COPIED OVER FROM MY REDDIT POST( http://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/1g5cj7/saving_s ) : I don't think anyone can deny that S is going downhill, we need to find ways to improve the server and we need people who can put those changes into effect willing to TRY. In a small mumble session we came up with some ideas to try to improve S exponentially: * Fix lag/ new servers, I'm sure people (including myself) would donate if we knew our money would be used to buy new servers and not anything... wasteful. 2. New admins including tech savy tech admins to properly manage the server, we all know that Tharine is being drowned under admin duties and not only does she need help, but we need someone to help her 3. Set rev start and end dates, a little shorter too. If we knew as the rev started when the rev would start and end there would be a much smaller portion of the population who would leave in the middle of a rev. Having the rev start and end on time may also have something to do with more tech admins. 4. plumped ore. This one I'm not sure on, I don't know if it will make diamonds less rare so people would go out in, or not make it worth it for some broken armour to waste all of your potions 5. Less frequent planned events more spontaneous. This should cut down on the hoarding of materials for planned events such as arena's while increasing spontaneous pvp even if for example an admin chase is planned 6 hours before it happens. 6. Egg minigame. My own personal idea, have an enderdragon egg or some other unique item is placed in the map and plans could capture it. It could only be placed on the surface(nothing could cover it), it would emit a beacon, and perhaps give small advantages to the clan members in the area(this coding would require savy tech admins). It would be like a free for all capture the flag throughout the server. 7. BETTER RULE ENFORCEMENT / more clear rules. There are many rules, mostly based on camping, that need clarification and the amount of people that are let off the hook for combat logging / greifing / other infractions is too damn high. Last but not least advertise. Once we have all of the other problems solved or on their way to being solved we can work on getting more people. Advertising on websites, the minecraft subreddit, and paying for advertisements would all be options. I'd really appreciate if we'd have some good discussion in the comments, most likely getting better ideas then what I have here, but things need to change. Now. EDIT: I'll continue to update the reddit post with posts from here and vice versa so post to either.
  6. Instead of making suggestions for next revision, we should first figure out what the things are that we want to change. Then we can think of what needs to be changed and go about it in a far more organised way. I added a few areas in the poll, but if you have any other ideas, feel free to comment with them :)
  7. I'm running through and 'bumping' old topics/issues for Survival that have been suggested and planned so far this year that still require implementation, so look forward to seeing a few of these types of posts from me in the upcoming days This thread i'm hoping to gather input from anyone that might be able to help in getting set up the /ignore command that we had planned to include in the current Survival revision. A NerdBugs ticket was put in about a month ago by Ludeman84 to get a start on implementing this, but a recent comment from one of our tech admins (LadyCailin) suggests that it shouldn't be handled in CommandHelper (which I believe we originally planned to use) and also that it should integrate with CommandHelpers' clan chat - presumably so that /ignore would work there as well. I'm not knowledgeable on plugins in terms of how well two different ones would work together, so i'm looking to the community at wide for anyone that might be able to help with that side of things. I've also tried my hand at searching for plugins that include a type of /ignore command in them, but from what i've found a great deal of them have several other chat components that we're not looking to make changes on - and I can't be too sure how these sorts of plugins would work with our existing ones. So, i'm hoping there's someone out there that knows a little more about this sort of thing that could be of some assistance. I think there will be a lot of people who would be immensely grateful if we could work on getting this set up sometime soon, and I would also love if any of the tech admins could give their input here as well.
  8. Let me explain the situation… Laugh_Addax and xTheHundreds were in a genuine bloodbath when Laugh proceeded to behead the iconic player. Since both were prepared for battle with shining suits of armor and diamond swords the mighty xTheHundreds was decapitated and a head was dropped. In laughs triumphant glory, a thieving Buddy(don’t know his full name), strolled by and stole the head of xTheHundreds from under Laughs feet. Laugh Chased him down but not before Buddy placed the head on xTheHundreds Base just inside the door. A split second after the placement, Laugh killed Buddy and picked up the head that he had rightfully earned and headed back to base. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are two reasons that Laugh picked up the Head that he earned: 1: Laugh had just killed the person that the head was of… 2: Laugh witnessed a grief by Buddy(whose claim the head was placed on wasn’t his) so Laugh simply picked up the head to remove the griff so the owner could return to the base as he had left it. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ A few rules I can see come to mind…. Rule number 1: Don’t be a dick This applies because Buddy stole the head that Laugh had just earned. Rule Number 2: Grief baiting This applies because Buddy knew that Laugh wanted the head and would pick it up no matter where it was placed. Rule Number 3: Griefing (placing blocks….on other player’s structures.) This applies because the land that the head was placed on did not belong to Buddy and he had placed it there.
  9. Heya guys! So right now I've been finding that it really is a shame that while I'm doing modreqs that I have to elevate a good amount of these reqs for combat logging because right now there is nothing the moderators can really do to check these and I also know that it's a very careful area that is better handled by the admins but I feel like this would also be very time consuming for the admins to be handling. I'd love to see a way to implement abilities and ways for moderators to be able to check up on combat logging and also offer training that can be taught to one moderator then passed around from there to better handle these types of requests as I can see it can be a very finkly thing and that it should be taken pretty lenient. But I could see it being a bigger help in the long run too if we can work out a way to do this. Anyway, thanks! DrM
  10. http://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/1evceu/clan_mixup_suggestion/ :)
  11. Not something we usually make posts for, but an incident cropped up on Survival recently that prompted me to set up a bit of a discussion on how best to moderate this type of issue.The rules regarding logging in combat scenarios are as follows: Using logging as a function of PVP is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: Logging off while engaged in combat. Relogging to gain an advantage such as invulnerability for PvP or to prevent fall damage while being chased. Timing logins to attack players at specific locations. Playing with multiple accounts to give yourself a PvP-related advantage Users who do any of these may get warned by a mod or kicked/banned by an admin The incident in question revolves around this modreq: [Redacted] And whilst the circumstances were actually more innocent than they would initially appear for this, it did cause me to realise that we don't actually have a proper policy on how to handle this sort of issue. I was hoping we could get a similar kind of standard going for this sort of thing as we do with typically sticking to one month with xray bans. It's not the type of incident that I can see coming up quite often, which is why I think it important to set out something that wouldn't be too subjective. I thought something along the lines of ensuring that both accounts (despite being the same person) receive a warning and, if necessary to do so, the exact same ban length (and would perhaps require both accounts be appealed for?). Whilst using an alternate account to do something that the original one cannot do typically winds up in a permaban, I thought that might be too harsh for this sort of thing. Is there anyone that has any suggestions on how we could go about handling this sort of thing?
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