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  1. Hello guys, It is Doctor Manta in all my evil villain-ness that is here right now, I'm here to cause not destruction or chaos. But to propose ideas and add to the brainstorm that is the Rev 23 Survival Server. For my idea, this will be quite different to what people are normally used to on the server but I feel like this would be a direction to bring back the community and bring a lot more interest into the survival server once again. The first proposal is spawn it's self. Spawn is only accessable on the initial time someone logs into the server, there it provides the book and guide to all that is survival, all the rules that are needed and a rundown on the basics. All the usual things you'll see in spawn, with this though after all of that we bring the first thing people are not used to. No more roads or cardinal directions. Instead the first time coming out of spawn you'll get to press a button that randomly teleports you on the map to a place above ground ontop of grass. This is only available once on your initial spawn into the server, from there if you die it brings you to the next major feature. Graveyard Respawns will be scattered around the map. Usually two in a quadrant, these are going to be respawn points that people spawn at when someone dies. And when someone dies, the graveyard respawn point is chosen randomly out of the closest three points, this makes it harder for not only camping, but adds a bit more challenge in navigation and adds to the map being more unknown and vast. Example of Graveyard Respawns To add to this, the portals will not be at the locations of these portals and instead portals will be much more random across the map, aiming to get rid of cardinal roads and make them a thing of the past and pushing survival into much more a survival PvP aspect and taking out a centralized point for PvP. The next thing to add into survival is a little more in the route that PvE is but adds some more modivation and aspect to survival and that is a Progressive Storyline giving the server more depth and things for users to discover, with this it brings oppourtunities for the map generation at the start of the revision a more custom feel to it and with more unique terrain generation, we can also add in story stuff such as ruins of clans and builds from past revisions as showing the history of the server, these would of course be either home to portals or used as a tactical refuge for people. With that too another major aspect to bring to the server would be Event Dungeons that can be accessed over a limited time period at any time say within a two week span, and these event dungeons go along with the whole storyline complete with customized spawners for mobs (including more powerful mobs than usual) that can have no loot or xp drops but also add the element of an end goal to the dungeons with loot that add to the lore of the game from unique weapons and items with non-vanilla enchantments or anything along those lines. Also giving incentives to people to explore things like this and once the time period is over, the entrance is collapsed and the dungeon is no longer usable. But then we can move onto the next dungeon that's made somewhere on the map. Loot can be handeled via. a plugin that gives everyone an opourtunity to get an item in the end, providing the same item for each person and also giving people who get in there early and even more grand prize. This gives incentives for not only early birds but also other people going there throughout the whole time the dungeon is active, and well. making it one per person can be done too. Basically, this pushes the server into a unique feel kind of like the lines of more an RPG feel while keeping clans/pvp and all the things we like from previous maps, but also then gives us access to being more secret where base locations are and centralized points of contact that become major issues in the past. Anyway, thanks for hearing me out. That's my idea.
  2. Unbanned, keep your nose clean this time!
  3. Heya guys! So right now I've been finding that it really is a shame that while I'm doing modreqs that I have to elevate a good amount of these reqs for combat logging because right now there is nothing the moderators can really do to check these and I also know that it's a very careful area that is better handled by the admins but I feel like this would also be very time consuming for the admins to be handling. I'd love to see a way to implement abilities and ways for moderators to be able to check up on combat logging and also offer training that can be taught to one moderator then passed around from there to better handle these types of requests as I can see it can be a very finkly thing and that it should be taken pretty lenient. But I could see it being a bigger help in the long run too if we can work out a way to do this. Anyway, thanks! DrM
  4. I didnt ban you because of your language, I did ban you however for minor griefing to someones base, that also included some things such as skulls etc. I highly recommend that you reread through our rules here http://nerd.nu/rules And if you do need to break blocks to get into someones base, then you need to replace them in a very timely manner otherwise this situation will occur. Reply here again once you've read the rules and tell me some things about it, then I'll unban you.
  5. You are on very thin ice, I will unban you today though technically for the extent of what I've seen it should have been longer for wasting a moderators time. I've also made a note that the next time something like this happens even if minor that it will warrant a much longer ban. Be sure to follow the rules and welcome back.
  6. Since I've banned you, there has been another grief that I've come across that came from you. You said in your last post that you griefed a trap because it killed you, but in that you griefed a lot of the persons base, can you please explain your thought process?
  7. Hats, everyone should always be wearing hats. Not sure, hopefully soon!
  8. I'll be uploading my mixes to http://soundcloud.com/Danger-Close when I finish them.
  9. Have a quick read through the rules and give an apology and I'll unban you. Just because you dont find something offensive, it does not mean other people will so please be more thoughtful of other people next time also. http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules
  10. Please read this. https://nerd.nu/forum/index.php?/topic/20-banned-for-a-homophobic-or-racial-slur-read-this/
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