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Searching for the /ignore command


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I'm running through and 'bumping' old topics/issues for Survival that have been suggested and planned so far this year that still require implementation, so look forward to seeing a few of these types of posts from me in the upcoming days  :wink:


This thread i'm hoping to gather input from anyone that might be able to help in getting set up the /ignore command that we had planned to include in the current Survival revision. A NerdBugs ticket was put in about a month ago by Ludeman84 to get a start on implementing this, but a recent comment from one of our tech admins (LadyCailin) suggests that it shouldn't be handled in CommandHelper (which I believe we originally planned to use) and also that it should integrate with CommandHelpers' clan chat - presumably so that /ignore would work there as well.


I'm not knowledgeable on plugins in terms of how well two different ones would work together, so i'm looking to the community at wide for anyone that might be able to help with that side of things. I've also tried my hand at searching for plugins that include a type of /ignore command in them, but from what i've found a great deal of them have several other chat components that we're not looking to make changes on - and I can't be too sure how these sorts of plugins would work with our existing ones.


So, i'm hoping there's someone out there that knows a little more about this sort of thing that could be of some assistance. I think there will be a lot of people who would be immensely grateful if we could work on getting this set up sometime soon, and I would also love if any of the tech admins could give their input here as well.

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Bumping this in the hopes that it will earn some recognition from any of our tech admins, if not players who might be be able to provide some insight. draykhar has commented on the aforementioned NerdBugs ticket with this particular plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-mods/ignoreyou/ that we might be interested in working with. Potential technical conflicts aside, is this the sort of setup that players would be comfortable with using?

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