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Banned for a homophobic or racial slur? Read this!


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The reason that these remarks are offensive:

Let's say someone were to say "That's gay, why does the park close that early..."  This is a bannable offense. The word "gay", when used in this way, is used in a negative fashion. It implies, in this situation, that they are unhappy that the park closes. They would also be implying that "gay" is a synonym for a negative word, and therefore, when used in this way, it carries negative overtones. It is these overtones that can be offensive to other people because any inherent trait should never have any negativity associated. The same thing can be applied to any racial or ethnic slur also.

There are also racial and homophobic slurs that hold negative connotations in and of themselves. Even though you might not find them offensive, the fact that they are considered slurs can mean that others will

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