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Abiuv/Forzaire/Solarous [kitcatbar, Mrloud15, slide23]

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I was banned on the servers and mumble for ban evasion. I was wondering how long this ban is going to be for. I imagine it's going to be rather lengthy considering the circumstances and staff involved. I understand I may have been a bit stubborn with the mumble ban, I apologize for that. 





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Hello Solarous. Please wait for me, Mrloud15, or slide23 to discuss and respond to your appeal. If no one has responded in 48 hours feel free to bump your appeal.


Ban information:

Ban for Solarous on c.nerd.nu for Ban evasion, permanent ban. nerd.nu/appeal by mrloud15 on 2014-06-25 21:03:04 (no more bans, no notes)

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Thanks for waiting while Mrloud15, slide23 and I discussed you ban.

You have been banned for evading the forum, server, and mumble ban on Forzaire with your account, Solarous, and admitted to this in our mumble conversation linked below.

Prior to banning you yesterday Mrloud15 and I brought you into the Diplomacy mumble channel to try to ask you why you were continuing to evade your bans, when you’ve been warned and banned for it in the past. Paste of that conversation is here. We gave you the courtesy of trying to talk things out with you before implementing the ban, and you returned that gesture with sarcasm and disrespect to us and every person using mumble who you disrupted last night.

While you apologized for your actions on mumble, you’ve proven that apology to be disingenuous by repeatedly evading your ban on mumble and on IRC moments up to appealing, and then after posting.

[12:30:29 AM] Going.To.Appeal.Now.Be.Back.Tomorrow connected.
[12:30:35 AM] Going.To.Appeal.Now.Be.Back.Tomorrow disconnected.
[12:37:35 AM] Ok.I.Appealed.Pls.Unban connected.

You joined 65 times after being banned with various accounts, with the most recent evasion being five minutes ago. Most were trolly, and a few had racism and homophobia mixed in. A few impersonated other players, which could have gotten the real players banned by mistake for your actions. That isn't fair to the players just trying to use mumble. None of that is acceptable. You also spammed chat multiple times using those accounts, just as you had spammed chat at the end of our discussion. Paste of the mumble logs is here.

As I’m responding to your appeal, you evade your ban again to do this:

[6:25:05 PM] (Channel) Forzaaaaaaaire: Hey kitcat
[6:25:09 PM] (Channel) Forzaaaaaaaire: Hows it hanging
[6:25:18 PM] Forzaaaaaaaire disconnected.

You’ve clearly shown you have no respect for our rules. In an effort for you to see the consequences of your actions, you will be banned for one week for every time you evaded your ban on mumble. Counting your SolarousMumble account, that brings us to 66 weeks. Make a new appeal on October 1st, 2015 to have your bans reevaluated. Any future evasions on any of our services will add at least two weeks to your ban length.

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