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PartyBoy02 [tompreuss]


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It seems that i have broken some rules. I mined a house thinking that no one lived in it anymore but it appears that it was not. I did not know the rules and because i'm new to minecraft, i thought it was all right. I have learnt my lesson and promise to never touch someones house ever again.

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Hey there PartyBoy02, please wait for tompreuss to handle your appeal. If no one has responded within 48 hours, please feel free to bump your appeal.

Ban information:
Ban for PartyBoy02 on c.nerd.nu for block, build grief on P nerd.nu/appeal by tompreuss on 2014-07-18 21:04:29 (1 more bans, 1 notes)

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Ban #13974503 for partyboy02 on c.nerd.nu for block, build grief on P nerd.nu/appeal by tompreuss on 2014-07-19 03:04:29 UTC+0000




Note #37818 for partyboy02 on c.nerd.nu: found additional minor griefing, user already banned by wondrland on 2014-07-26 18:46:36




Hi partyboy02,


You griefed a number of builds in several different spots.


You took a player's enchantment table


You took redstone and lapis blocks from a player's build


You took a player's bed from their house


You took another player's bed from another house


You took yet another player's bed from yet another house


You griefed a melon stem in a player's farm


You destroyed the door into a player's house


You took all sorts of blocks and items from another build





A summary of the grief edits to that town


You also broke some things along the side of a road


And took a bookshelf and an anvil from another spot


You are never allowed to break anything made by another player, regardless of whether you think someone is living there or not.

The length of time that I would have banned you for has already passed. Please read nerd.nu/rules and reply here to this thread saying that you have done so and agree to abide by them from that moment forward to be unbanned.

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