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  1. My activity over the last week and the next 2 weeks will be spotty at best. We are short handed at work due to our main cook being out for surgery and I am being scheduled for a ludicrous amount of hours to compensate for our short handedness. It also doesn't help that someone just quit. I will also unfortunately be missing Rev launch (for the first time ) as I will be at work. I will definitely be on when I get home though!
  2. Contest is over and even got a few extra days. The winners will be announced in the upcoming PvE Blog Post. Thank you everyone for participating, I am hoping this next nether will be the best one yet!
  3. Howdy folks, I am happy to announce a short building contest for PvE’s next Revision! I am in need of cool nether builds to include in the custom nether map generation. The contest will run for 2 weeks starting today, September 8th, and ending September 22nd at midnight (2 weeks). To join the contest and start building, head over to Creative and go to /warp NetherContest. We are using NerdPlot for plot management. To claim a plot, find an unused plot and type /nerdplot claim and it will be protected to you. If you want to add more people to your plot, just do /rg i to get the region name and then do /rg addmember nether_contest_### <username> to have them added. Plots are 50x50, however do not feel the need to use all of that space as we just wanted to give extra room in case you needed it. We are looking for small builds and big builds, details below: Small Builds (1x1 - 20x20) The smaller the build the better. Smaller builds will have a much higher chance of appearing in the world. Some examples of a small build: Small house with loot chests, small dungeon with a mob spawner, glowstone trees Small note: We are looking for glowstone and mushroom tree variety! If you build a custom glowstone/mushroom tree your build will most likely be included. Big Builds (20x20 - 50x50) We are also looking for some cool big builds as well, whether that be mob spawner temples or large custom nether fortresses or even something else. Note that big builds will have a lower chance of spawning in the map because they are bigger. Some examples of a big build: Custom nether fortress, large dungeon with multiple mob spawners, large house with loot chests Winners There will be a Top 5 builds that we be decided by the padmins. We will judge the build on quality and how well it will blend in with the custom nether. Those top 5 will be guaranteed to be generated into the map. We will also pick out a variety of other builds we like to include in generation, but only the top 5 will be announced. This is a short contest and is only running for 2 weeks so don’t put off building! I look forward to seeing what everyone can come up with! Subreddit Post
  4. I have sent off a new configuration to the tech admins which will fix the death messages. Fixes include: Removed CTF Death Messages (most of them, I kept a few that I liked that weren't related to space) Fixed spelling mistakes Fixed coloring mistakes You can view all current death messages here now. I will update this post when the config has been applied by the tech admins.
  5. ​Note/Update: I am not entirely sure how I managed to do this, but somehow I used the CTF Death Messages Config and added all the new ones to it. Thus, we are currently getting all the CTF death messages as well as the new death messages. I believe that I will be off work on Sunday (that may change though) and I will be fixing the Death Messages back to the original config with the new ones included. I used almost all of the ones you suggested! I used about 90% of all the ones suggested by everyone.
  6. We had a mumble meeting a few nights ago and this was one of our talking points. We have decided that we would like to utilize the ability of timed bans and have let the head admins know. They will be looking into the details and will be updating us in the near future.
  7. Hey folks, the purpose of this thread is to provide a list of changes/events/other things that the PAdmins are doing to PvE to keep you guys in the loop of what is going on. This idea was originally created by previous PAdmins here but we have decided to retire that thread as suggestions can go in it's own subforum now. I will be sorting all changes into revision categories to give time frames of when they happened. If you have any feedback please post in the subforum. PvE Revision 18 Changelog: May 26th 2016: Revision 18 Information Post made: Link June 6th 2016: The June PvE Admin Hunt has been announced! More details here: Link June 21st 2016: The PvE June Blog Post has been posted: Link August 22nd 2016: The August PvE Admin Hunt has been announced! More details here: Link August 24th 2016: New PvE Messages have gone live as of 5:32AM PST. You can view the full list of death messages here: Link
  8. We are closing this thread as the original purpose of the thread (suggestions) is now fulfilled by it's own subforum. We encourage people to keep posting ideas in the subforum! We have created a new PvE Changelog Thread that will consist only of changes. Please post all feedback and suggestions in the main sub forum and not in that thread, it is intended for changes only.
  9. Final update: I have sent the new config off to the tech admins and it is waiting to be uploaded. I will be closing this thread and will post in the PvE Changelog when the tech admins have uploaded the new death messages and they are live.
  10. To keep everyone updated: Per the inactivity thread I have been inactive the last several days but will now be around again. I will be completing the new death messages tomorrow and then have a tech upload them.
  11. Just a quick update: I've gone through and reviewed the death messages and we will be adding most (if not all) of them to spice things up! I am currently waiting to hear back from a tech admin to get the current config and have it updated. The new config should be live either today or in the next few days, depending when I hear back from them.
  12. I have been busy the last few weeks with work and my trip to Yosemite so I haven't had a chance to do anything with these. I'll be getting a hold of the live config on PvE later today and adding in (most likely) the majority of ideas posted in that thread. I'll post in the PvE Changelog either later today or tomorrow once I've completed them and they are live.
  13. I am now back from my trip to Yosemite and my recent inactivity should start to dwindle down. Been out of game to much and will be getting back in! I will however be fairly inactive this upcoming Thurs-Sunday due to work.
  14. Hey there Teddy, the note I gave you is over 2 years old and I see no reason to keep it around. I have gone ahead and removed it. As for your other notes a head admin should be along to handle those soon. Have fun on the servers! :)
  15. I will poke the other padmins about this. You could also always go and find the Shulker Spawner :)
  16. I was unable to attend the meeting or listen to any recording yet so I apologize if this was mentioned in the meeting. Why don't we simply add another channel to our already existing Slack Team that anyone can join? That way you can just set the channels that need to be kept private to invite only and anyone else can join the other channels like #irc and #civ. Is there something preventing us from currently doing that? That would also prevent having to have 2 separate slack windows open.
  17. Not a tech admin, but last I had checked when I was looking for new lobbies, we had lost a portion of them from the lobby design contest as well as some old ones. I'm not sure how many we lost, but I would love to see the ones that we have put up for download. Hopefully a tech admin can chime in on what we have laying around.
  18. I have just started working at a new job and at the same time decided it would be a great time to get sick. Between job training and being sick I simply don't have the energy to work on minecraft related things. My activity will be scare and possibly nonexistent over the next week. I might be in mumble for a hour or two at night, but that'll be it.
  19. I unfortunately wasn't around much to play but I did pop in a few times. The only real big concern that I noticed was that teams would be imbalanced. I'm not entirely sure how we can fix that though, when I ran the fundraiser before this one we couldn't come up with a great solution. Edit: I believe the last 2 rounds were okay, but I thought the first round was greatly favored to Lime team? Another thing I noticed was chest locking. Is there anyway to make it so that when you place a chest it is automatically locked to your team? I know someone on Lime went and locked a bunch of Red's chest because they were public. Not sure how difficult it would be to make a chest autolock to a region. 10/10 feedback. Want to provide something actually constructive?
  20. Hey folks, we are in need of some new death messages for PvE! We would like the community to write some new ones and see what clever things you guys come up with! This is the format that the death messages are in: PLAYER was killed by KILLER with ITEM You can change anything in between PLAYER, KILLER and ITEM. You can also rearrange where PLAYER, KILLER, and ITEM are. You must use PLAYER and KILLER! You only need to use ITEM on death messages that include items. Do not put in any names! Please state what type of death your death message is for. Here is a list of all the death message types (death messages that support ITEM are marked with (item) in this file): http://paste.thezomg.com/19673/66724441/ Some examples: PLAYER was brutally murdered with ITEM by KILLER Will display as: “SwitchViewz was brutally murdered with redstone ore by Silversunset” ITEM are now sentient and have gone rouge! It has attached itself to KILLER and it has eliminated PLAYER! Will display as: “Minecarts are now sentient and have gone rouge! It has attached itself to creepers and it has eliminated defiex!” PLAYER found that a KILLER can actually kill you Will display as: "Sapphric found that a Mooshroom can actually kill you" Subreddit post
  21. I have added this to the padmin trello for us to discuss in our next mumble meeting.
  22. What version of minecraft are you trying to connect with? We are currently on 1.9, not 1.9.4.
  23. Sorry it took so long to get the blog post done, I've had some serious family issues happen recently and have not had the time I would like. The blog post has been posted to the link below and it says what we have done with skeleton horses. Thanks everyone for there feedback in this poll! Closing this topic. https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/4p7vvq/pve_june_blog_post/
  24. Howdy folks, it’s time for the first ever PvE Blog Post! The purpose of this blog post is to give some insight to things we are working on and to gather community feedback. We plan on doing one of these every month for this Revision. Skeleton Traps Based off the community feedback poll HERE we have gone ahead and changed how trap spawning works. Skeleton horses have not been limited, but their now is a chance to spawn different kinds of traps (such as blazes riding ghasts). This gives more variety to traps while also helps reduce lag by not having swarms of skeleton horses. Powered Flight We have heard some requests for powered flight to make a return. We are open to this idea but this would obviously be considerably overpowered, and we would love to hear some ideas and suggestions on how we could implement this on P in a balanced manner. Events The first admin hunt took place a few weeks ago and the admins were a bit OP. For the July admin hunt the admins will be significantly nerfed and will also have more loot. We are also working on an Arena called “FortWars” where players build forts out of blocks and fight each other. We hope to have the date announced for this soon, but it’ll be happening very early July. Speaking of July, we hope to have something explosive for everyone on the 4th! We are trying to do more admin hunts and events this revision and would love to hear any suggestions you guys may have. Xray Rollbacks We have been doing this for a while now but never properly announced it. If a player you are working with or is in your town and gets rolled back for xray, they will remain banned for a month. However if their rollback affects a significant portion of a group project you can place a /modreq and the admins will evaluate and determine if a portion of it can be restored. Fun Stats Most skeleton horses spawned in one trap: 137 Highest highest tier golem spawners: 6 Top 3 players with most diamond ore mined: Ted_Owl: 466, EvilStepDad: 413, RokuCXVII: 359 First nether portal to be lit: Solace First /place: Orion Custom spawners to still be found: 2 Overworld, 1 Nether Lowest server tps reached: 5.20 Max amount of RAM used: 20.15GB (all servers) Have some suggestions for some fun stats you’d like to see in the next blog post? Let me know! Hope you guys enjoyed the blog post and some insights into what is upcoming to PvE. Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback!
  25. The tech admins are working on something to get the spawning under control but we have no ETA at the moment. As for blog posts, I was rather busy this weekend and was unable to finish it. It should be out within the next few days.
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